Meet Maude

Well, hello there! I’m Maude! I would prefer my name to be Her Most High Imperial Doggy Majesty. Oh well.

I’m quite cute, aren’t I? That’s what the humans say.

I have a human named Clara. She’s a good human, and gives me lots of treats. She lets me do whatever I want! Well, mostly. I can’t chase the cats…. *sigh*

Look at that cat! It’s just begging to be chased! Someday… someday….

I love to play fetch! Here I am playing fetch with Clara.

Ahh… that was last summer, when I turned four! Clara made me a cake with dog biscuits and peanut butter.

I love to explore! Sometimes, the human kids take me in the woods, where I can get myself and them all muddy.

See? I love mud!

Here I am, sniffing down a ferocious beast near the creek!

After I get muddy, I have to get a bath. I hate baths! Though I do look very beautiful after I’m all clean:

This is a picture of me when I won a pet photo contest! I am quite flattering, don’t you think?

Here I am being silly! 😛

Thanks for reading, humans! Be sure to comment and tell me how cute I am!


Isn’t Maude adorable? 😉 I had fun writing this!

42 thoughts on “Meet Maude

  1. Message from Maggie:
    Hello Maude! You and I look alike! Your photo WAS good that one the contest…. Although I think I probably could have won one too! 😐 I don’t see how you like to play fetch! If you have a perfectly good stick, why give it to the humans? It is more fun when they chase you. But anyway, sometime we should meet! I think that would be fun. :D”


    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL! Message from Maude:
      “Hi there, Maggie! We do! Yes…maybe… though I think I’m still prettier.
      That’s true! It’s fun to make them chase me. I think I’ll try that sometime!
      I think so too! We could get muddy together! :D”


  2. Maude is absolutely adorable! (That last picture cracked me up!) She also writes very well for a dog. My dog Gracie is so jealous. 😉
    Also, Gracie wanted me to ask you if maybe you could make a cake for her next birthday and mail it over here….XD

    Liked by 1 person

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