WordCrafters: My story

Hi, y’all! Today, I’ll be sharing the story that I wrote for WordCrafters. Enjoy! 🙂

Random ponies. XD


Alalia struggled with the thick licorice that bound her to a candy cane chair, but it wouldn’t budge. Goldilocks sat next to her, her eyes huge. She turned to Alalia, and spoke in a small voice. “Little Red Riding Hood, is the where the Candy Witch lives?”

Alalia sighed. “I think it is, Goldilocks. Also, we’ve found your brother.”

A little was boy sitting on the other end of the cottage. He was stuffing his mouth full of candy. When Goldilocks saw him, her eyes lit up. “Hansel!”

He didn’t even look up, just kept eating. “Hi, Goldie. The witch here has been awfully nice to me. I like her.”

Goldilocks gasped. “No, no! Hansel, she’s fattening you up! She want to eat you! Oh, this is terrible.” She began to cry. At this, the witch stepped inside. Alalia let out a scream when she saw the stooped figure coming through the door.

The witch turned to her, and Alalia saw that her face was covered with a dark veil. She spoke in a strangely low voice. “Hello.”

Alalia’s voice shook. “Let us go.”

The witch reached up a hand and ripped off the veil covering her face. Goldie and Alalia both gasped. “Robin Hood!”

The young man smiled, then surveyed the situation with a grim face. “Come on, children. We’ve got to get you out of here.” He reached down and lifted a protesting Hansel up under one arm. “The real witch could be back any minute.”

He easily snapped their licorice bonds, and Goldilocks stared up at him with adoring eyes. “Thank you, sir.”

He bowed to her, then freed Alalia as well. He led Hansel and Goldie out the door. He turned back to look at Alalia. “You’d better hurry home. The witch won’t stay gone too long.”

The three stepped out of the cottage and were gone.

Alalia stepped out of the cottage, nervously fingering the silky fabric of her cape. She looked up, then stopped in surprise.

“Oh my….”

There, before her, was a dusty road made of bright yellow bricks. This might lead me home! She just knew it would.

Giggling, she lifted her skirts and began to skip. As she skipped, she sang: “Follow the yellow brick road, follow the yellow brick road…….


I hope everyone enjoyed! The next person to add to the story is Suzy. 🙂 WordCrafters is so much fun! 😀

“See” you all soon!

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