The Smallones: Season 2, Episode 4

*important announcer voice*

Hello, everyone! After an unexpected hiatus, The Smallones: Season 2 has returned! We hope you enjoy Episode 4….


I lay in my bed, trying to ignore my stinging, aching hand. I could hear Ava’s footsteps in the kitchen as she paced back and forth, formulating a plan. Try as she might, nothing Ava had tried had made my burnt hand feel better. We’d tried ice and lotion. Ava had even made me eat an entire onion. Nothing gave me relief. If anything, my poor hand felt even worse than before.

I rolled over in bed, then almost jumped out of my skin as Ava burst into the room.


I groaned. “What?”

She was jumping with excitement. “The Smallones can help you! Lora can do magic! If they can’t help you, I don’t know who can.” She grabbed my arm. “Let’s go!”

I started to protest, then realized she was probably right.

We were walking through a windy, grassy field, and my hair was getting in my face. I pushed it away and tried to focus on looking for tiny people. Ava was chattering excitedly. “I can’t WAIT until you meet Lora! She’s so cute and she has red hair! She’s the one who gave me Obsidian, you know.”

I nodded.

I suddenly froze, staring at the ground ahead of us. There was a tiny girl running towards Ava, her bright red hair flying.

She was going so fast, she slammed into Ava’s leg and fell backwards onto the ground. Ava looked down and gave an excited squeal. She leaned down and picked up the girl gently in her hand.

“Lora! Oh, I missed you!”

The tiny girl looked at Ava in shock, the hugged her hand hard. “Ava! Oh, run! Get away from here! Now!” She struggled in Ava’s grasp. “Put me down!”

Ava looked shocked. “Why?”

A horrible hiss filled the air. I let out a loud scream as a brightly colored snake raced towards us, it’s writing body moving at lightning speed. Lora shrieked and hugged Ava’s arm. “RUN!”


To be continued…

OOOOoooooOOoOoooooOOoo! XD

I am enjoying creating this story so much! 😀 Tell me in the comments…. what is your weather like right now? Mine is stormy, with thunder and rain and lighting. My favorite! 😛

Have a lovely day, dear readers!

31 thoughts on “The Smallones: Season 2, Episode 4

  1. “Snakes…it had to be snakes.”

    The weather here has been odd, we started out with wind and rain, then just wind, then the sun came out. It got up to 60 degrees, unheard of in February!

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