The Smallones: Season 2, Episode 5 + Pusheen

Hello, everybody!

First topic of this post:

Today is Jaclynn‘s birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Be sure to go tell her happy birthday on her blog. 🙂


Have an absolutely fantastic amazing day! 😀 *hands you tons of chocolate and donuts*

Second topic:

I have officially completed……

The Smallones: Season 2, Episode 5

Ava’s POV


I froze, standing very, very still as the snake rose up in front of us. Sweat dripped down my face as I gripped Lora in one hand, Ivy’s arm in the other. “Don’t. Move.

The snake’s beady eyes sparkled as it considered which one of us to destroy.

I could feel Ivy trembling in my grasp. She suddenly let out a scream, jerking her arm away from me and taking off at a run towards home.

I wanted to run after her and stop her, but I was too scared to move. The snake whipped it’s head towards Lora, it’s slimy tongue flickering over her head.

That snapped me into action. I jumped to the side, taking off at a desperate run through the field as the snake pursued us. Lora gripped onto my thumb for dear life as she was jolted around.

I ran in a zigzag pattern, but the snake was keeping up easily. Lora gasped. “Ava, watch out for the-“

I tripped, slamming into the grass with full force. Lora flew from my hand and hit the ground with a thud.

“Lora!” I struggled to get back up as the snake slithered towards me.

Just as I was rising to my feet, the snake’s head shot forward at lighting speed and sank it’s teeth into my ankle. A searing, fiery pain spread through my body as I sank to the ground, my head swimming. I saw Lora lying a few feet away, very still. I reached towards her. “Lora-“

The world spun around and around as I lost consciousness.

Then everything went dark.



I had SO much fun making this! My brother helped me set up the dolls for this part and he was making Ivy do karate. XD

Third topic:

Lately, I discovered the world of Pusheen the cat. She’s a super cute, rather chubby virtual cat that loves marshmallows and sleeping. 😛 I decided to sew my own Pusheen, and here’s what I came up with…..

Isn’t she ADORABLE? I made her with a pair of grey leggings, and decorated her with a black fabric marker. 🙂

Here she is from the back.

Pusheen also has some friends! I made the little marshmallow, who is named Marshmallow. XD Eeyore is a Tsum-Tsum.

Thanks so much for reading, everyone! Have a nice, quiet Sunday afternoon. 🙂

32 thoughts on “The Smallones: Season 2, Episode 5 + Pusheen

  1. First: the story. Oh no! Poor Ava! I would NOT like to be in her place. 🙂 o.O WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN?!
    Next: Pusheen the cat. HE IS ADORABLE! Both the “real” Pusheen and your stuffed animal Pusheen. You did a great job with him!

    Liked by 1 person

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