CWWC #1 + AAWC #5

Hola! 😀 I just wanted to let you all know that for the rest of May, the majority of my posts will be CWWC and AAWC entries. I apologize for the lack of other posts. :/ 🙂

Today, I’ve got a story for you- I’m combining CWWC #1 and AAWC #5 into one story. 🙂

I’m on Team Keepers for CWWC- COME ON KEEPERS! WE CAN DO THIS!

Loren, I used all three prompts!

Misty, I used the prompt word, “Faded.” I also mentioned a pegasus. 🙂


Mirr-ors are pass-ages to f-an-tastic w-orlds, guar-de-d by cre-atur-es call-ed the Fe-rr-y-men.”

Eloria works slowly through the words, her lips moving as she reads. She lifts her head and pushes a wayward curl out of her face, her eyes dancing.

“This is a strange book, but I like it. I’m so glad I’m learning to read.” She smooths her faded, torn dress with a happy sigh.

As she reads, she walks. The paths of the park lead her through a neatly trimmed field, filled with young trees. She soon reaches a fancy metal bench and sinks down onto it, her eyes never leaving the pages of her book.

The busy park around her begins to fade away as the story unfolds in her mind. The cold metal bench vanishes, replaced by a beautiful, mossy log balanced over an icy waterfall. Eloria’s ears become deaf to the voices of a million children as the waterfall roars, proclaiming it’s power to whoever will listen. Majestic oak trees lean down to give her shade, their leaves whispering in the breeze.

Eloria sinks down into the soft moss of the log, her mind absorbing the wonderful world with inexplicable joy. She pushes her wild curls from her eyes and gazes down at the waterfall, cherishing the cool mist rising from the water. I won’t ever leave, her mind whispers.

As she lays happily among the moss and ferns, her eyes catch something moving below. A thin, graceful creature emerges from the waterfall, her transparent wings glittering in the sunlight. She soars upwards, and Eloria gasps as she tucks in her wings and lands perfectly on the log, hardly disturbing a single fern.

The creature notices the girl, and her deep green eyes meet Eloria’s with curiosity. Eloria inches slowly forward and holds out a hand. “Don’t be frightened, I won’t hurt you.”

The creature places her head in Eloria’s lap with a gurgling purr. Eloria laughs and strokes the scaly head. “I’ve met a lot of creatures- pegasi, hippogriffs, and even a bear.” She giggles. “But I’ve never met anyone like you. Are you a dragon?”

The creature gurgles again, her tail twitching playfully. “You’re a water dragon?” Eloria’s eyes dance. “That’s lovely. I’ve never seen a water dragon before.” The dragon flaps her sparkling wings and purrs. Eloria leans her head against the dragon’s scaly neck.

The girl and dragon stay this way for a long while, Eloria talking softly about anything and everything while the dragon listens intently, soft purrs escaping her. They seem to be the perfect pair. The dragon plays gently with the girl, pretending to be fierce, but stopping at the last second to lick Eloria with a rough tongue.

Suddenly, as if in a nightmare, the log they’re sitting on begins to tremble and crack. The dragon lets out a screech and flaps into the air, watching Eloria with worried eyes. Eloria’s eyes are closed tightly, and her voice is strained.

“No, please!”

The beautiful world shimmers, blurs, and vanishes, the dragon along with it. Eloria is back in the park, looking fearfully up at two sneering boys. One of them speaks loudly to the other.

“I hear something’s wrong with her brain.”

Eloria gasps angrily.

The other boy leans close to her face. “My father said all those books are giving her ideas.” His hand shoots out and grabs the book from her arms. Eloria screams. “Give it back!”

The smaller boy shoves her roughly to the ground and walks away with his companion, laughing. Her book is tucked tightly under the bigger boy’s arm.

The concrete path is cold and hard, but Eloria can not move. She feels as if her heart has shattered into a million shards of glass, impossible to repair. She closes her eyes, but without her book, she cannot imagine her way back into that beautiful world, where she has a friend. Where she is safe.


I hope you enjoyed my (rather depressing) story! 😉 Be sure to comment below with thoughts or feedback!


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38 thoughts on “CWWC #1 + AAWC #5

  1. That was a neat story, Clara! I liked your description of the water dragon playing with Eloria. 🙂 Oh yes! I love Hayley’s ATC trade! So do you think you will do it or not? Ha! It was raining here too! It even HAILED for a little bit, which is really unusual for around here. 😀

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  2. Oh, this was so sad and really great! For a Keeper….;) Too bad I have to crush you… I feel really bad about it.XD

    Liked by 2 people

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