CWWC #3 + AAWC #6

Hello! 😀 Today, I’ve got another story- CWWC #3 and AAWC #6 combined. This story is the sequel to what I wrote HERE. 😉

I used:









WHEW! That was a lot of prompts. xD

Misty, I used the prompt word “Smile” and I mentioned a Pegasus. 🙂


Warm, rough asphalt grinds against her face and hands.

She gropes for that warm, happy spot in her mind where she can melt the world away in an instant.

It isn’t there.

Cold tendrils of fear wind around Eloria’s heart as she realizes she may never be able to imagine again. That wonderful part of her that could summon a fantastical world in a moment seems to be… gone. The sharp throbbing in her chest has faded to a strangely numb pain.

The book had been her most prized possession- in fact, it was the only book Eloria owned. It was old, scuffed, and missing a page, but the story it held was enchanting to her. Though she’d read it countless times, it had kept her vivid imagination from fading away.

Slowly, Eloria lifts her head and pushes away her hair with a sweaty hand. The sun is hot and unforgiving. She struggles to her feet and starts towards home, her parched throat aching for a drink. Her arms hang limply at her sides as she trudges homewards.

It’s not long before Eloria reaches her house. She ascends the creaky front steps, her legs feeling heavy and sore. She opens the door and speaks in a trembling tone to the man sitting at the kitchen table.

“Father, my book is gone.”

Her father doesn’t reply. His unblinking eyes never leave the thick, bubbling gray mixture on the tabletop.

Eloria slips softly away as she fights back a new round of tears. She should have known he wouldn’t listen. That he wouldn’t care. He never does. Sometimes, Eloria wonders if he even remembers who she is.

She steps quietly into her room and closes the door behind her. A desk covered in papers and notebooks occupies one corner of the tiny room. Her bed fills the rest of the space, the creaky mattress covered in a faded blanket. Eloria sinks into the chair with a sigh, her hand gripping the pencil tightly. Slowly, she begins her boring, ordinary homework.

As she struggles through the work, she feels as if she’s back at school, her teacher’s echoing around the classroom. “You’ll never have good grades if you don’t snap out of it. Get back into reality. Stop daydreaming.”

Eloria realizes bitterly that her teacher won’t have to worry about her daydreaming anymore. The thought is almost too much to bear. Her pencil hits the carpet with a dull thud as Eloria jumps to her feet, new determination shining on her face.

She steps forward to her scuffed mirror hanging on the wall. A tiny wooden sign hangs above it, three words carved into the surface. Here be Faeries. Her mother made it for her, before she died.

Eloria’s reflection is nothing special- wild curls framing a plain freckled face. She peers closer at herself, wishing she could see straight into her mind. Maybe there’s a way to spark her imagination again. She remembers with a sad smile when she used to pretend this mirror was her portal to imaginary worlds.

Eloria begins to think about all the creatures she’s met on her imaginary journeys. The tiny, graceful faeries in their enchanting forests. The majestic pegasi, high in the clouds. The happy memories well up inside her mind, making her sad. She almost wishes she could lock them away with a warning never to uncover them again. Warning: Bad memories.

Despite all this, her mind keeps coming back to the dragon. The beautiful, playful dragon. Will she ever be able to see her again?

She feels the emptiness in her mind- but she pushes through the pain anyway. She has to try. Eloria closes her eyes tightly and tries to picture the scene in her mind. Shimmering waterfalls. Mossy log bridge. Swaying oak trees. A wonderful dragon.


Eloria sobs in despair and sinks onto her bed, her hands hanging limply over the sides of the mattress. The empty feeling in her mind swells through her body, filling her with deep sadness. The tears flow freely down her cheeks, soaking her blankets.

Suddenly, deep, deep inside her mind, something moves.

Eloria sits straight up with a gasp.

The tiny spark in the back of her mind begins to grow, filling her head with warmth. Imagination. Inspiration. The feeling spreads through her body, replacing the emptiness with joy. Eloria squeezes her eyes shut, trembling with anticipation. She imagines her dragon. Shimmering sides. Gleaming wings. Playful green eyes. Slender, curving neck. A contented purr.

Her head is swirling with emotion- but Eloria is still in her bedroom. It didn’t work. What happened?

Her shoulders slump. She was so, so close. But she missed again.

Suddenly, a low purr rumbles through the air. Something smooth and heavy rests against Eloria’s shoulder. She whirls around with a gasp.

Her dragon.

Eloria lets out an ecstatic shriek of joy and flings her arms around the slender neck. The dragon purrs contentedly. She’d missed this little human. Eloria runs her hands over the dragon’s shining scales, happiness welling up inside of her. This time, the dragon seems so.. real. Like she’s not just imaginary anymore. Can it be possible that the dragon isn’t just a figment of her imagination this time?

Eloria pushes away the thought. She’ll figure that out later. She glances at the dragon’s shimmering wings, an idea growing in her head. “Can you carry me?”

The dragon spreads her wings with an excited gurgle. Eloria climbs carefully onto her back, surprised to find how comfortable it is. The dragon tucks her wings in close and soars out the open window, into the cool evening air.

Eloria grips the dragon tightly as they rise high into the sky. Her town becomes tiny compared to the great blue canvas above her, streaked with pink and red as the radiant sun sinks lower and lower. The dragon spins and flips in the sky, her body glittering in the sunlight.

Eloria glances at the setting sun. “I’d better get back home now.” Reluctantly, the dragon turns and soars back towards Eloria’s home. They fly past the house once more. Eloria peers down, and her heart skips a beat to see her father peering up at them through his window. His haggard face is pale and shocked.

Quickly, Eloria urges her dragon to land. She wraps her arms once more around the dragon’s neck. “I’ll  see you soon. Stay safe, sweet girl.” The dragon purrs and bumps her girl gently with her head.

Eloria tenses as she hears a voice behind her. “Magic?”

Her father is standing behind her, a spark in his eyes. “Magic. That’s what she needed.” He waves a bent, faded photograph in the air-  a beautiful young woman, with thin gold hair framing her pixie-like face.

Eloria shakes her head, her eyes wide. “Oh, no. No, no, no.” She closes her eyes and imagines her dragon away. When she opens her eyes, the dragon is gone. Her father is staring down at her. Eloria’s heart pounds as he reaches out and takes her hand, his watery gray eyes gleaming. “My Anne needed a hero. I couldn’t be that hero.” He crouches down and stares at her face with a terrifying smile.

“But with your help, I can. Magic. It’s the missing ingredient to the cure.”


Oooh! 😮 😀 That was quite long, wasn’t it? If you actually read the whole thing, then I applaud you! XD

Thanks so much for reading! Have a great day. 🙂

officialblogsignature1.png (363×363)Would you like to see a post about the secret hideout I made with my siblings in our hayfield? 😛

34 thoughts on “CWWC #3 + AAWC #6

    1. Thank you so much, Allison! 🙂 Yeah, I kind of used every CWWC prompt so far… XD
      Yay! I’ll post about it soon. 🙂

      -Clara ❤


  1. “She gropes for that warm, happy spot in her mind where she can melt the world away in an instant.”
    *squeals* UGH. Clara, the quality of your writing has just gotten SO good…!

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