The Smallones: Season 2, Episode 7

Hello, hello! 😛

Today, I bring you more of The Smallones- I hope you enjoy Episode 7! In case you don’t remember what happened before this, you can read that HERE. 😉


Ivy screamed as something shiny and long flashed in the corner of her eye.

The snake hadn’t left after all.

She jumped back in fright as the snake’s head shot forward, it’s beady eyes fixed on her. Ivy gripped Ava in her arms and tried to run, but her sister was just too heavy.

She stumbled and tugged in panic as the snake moved slowly closer, it’s tongue flickering.

Suddenly, before Ivy could scream again, two dark streaks tore through the pasture and hit the snake with full force.

The snake sank to the ground with a hiss as Chloe leaped onto it and sunk her tiny teeth into it’s body with an angry growl. Obsidian began to shoot bursts of fire, blinding the snake. Loud barking and angry hissing filled the air as Ivy watched with a pounding heart.

Then all was quiet.

Ivy lowered Ava to the ground in surprise and stepped cautiously forwards. The snake, battered and burnt, was slipping quickly away towards the woods. Chloe was panting hard, her fur wild and disheveled. Obsidian landed on her back, his tongue hanging out.

A slow, shaky grin spread across Ivy’s face. “Good dog, good dragon!” She leaned down and lifted Obsidian in her hand as she scratched Chloe’s ears. “You must have heard me shouting.”

Chloe ignored Ivy and dashed towards Ava. She licked Ava’s face and whined, but the girl didn’t move. Ivy stepped forwards and spoke softly to the little dog, trying to hide the fear in her own voice. “She’ll be okay, girl.”

Obsidian fluttered down and landed next to Chloe. He sniffed Ava’s hand curiously and hopped onto her stomach. Ivy sank down next to him. “What are you doing, boy?”

Obsidian leaned closer to Ava’s face, as if he was listening to something. His eyes became filled with a distant look, as if he were far away. Ivy scrambled back, surprised, as the tiny dragon began to tremble and glow. Soft blue light wove itself around Ava’s face, reminding Ivy of the movie Tangled.

With a choked gasp, Ivy realized that something had changed about her sister’s ankle. She leaned closer, and her eyes grew wide as she realized what was different.

The deep gash was gone. There was no sign of the snake bite- it had simply vanished. Ava looked perfectly normal… other than the fact that she was pale and deathly still.

As the light faded, Chloe pushed her nose into Ava’s hand expectantly.

For a moment, nothing happened. Ivy stared in wonder. Obsidian fluttered into the grass. Chloe whimpered.

Then, Ava stirred.

Her eyes flew open and she blinked in sudden confusion.

At first, she just stared blankly ahead, her eyes wide and unfocused. Then she shook her head and struggled to sit up. Ivy scrambled forward in relief to tackle her sister in a hug, but Ava ignored her. She looked wildly around, concern on her face.

“Where’s Lora?”


To be continued…..

Thanks for reading, everyone! I’ve got something super exciting coming soon that I can’t wait to share with you all! 🙂

Clara (2)

32 thoughts on “The Smallones: Season 2, Episode 7

  1. Awesome!! I love this series so much! For some reason I can never have a consistent photo-series.. I guess everyone’s made for something and mine “isn’t” photo-series!! 🙂 How did you make Obsidian fly? It looked so cool! 😉 Can’t wait for more!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much! 🙂
      That’s too bad. :/
      MAGIC! No, just kidding! 😛 I just held him by the tips of his wings. 😉

      -Clara ❤


  2. Yes!!! Smallones!!! (This photostory series is actually what made me start looking at your blog, and now I read your blog pretty regularly 🙂 ) I was glad to see another episode and am excited for future ones…and for your exciting news/thing coming up!

    Liked by 1 person

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