The Camera

It was a sweltering hot day in summer when I decided that I needed a camera.

I was flopped on the couch, gazing out the window, when the idea occurred to me.

Sure, I had a phone- but the camera quality was terrible, not to mention the lens was scratched.

I glanced down at my empty mug. It looked so pretty on the weathered wood table.

Why not have a camera to capture moments like those? The more I thought about it, the more I was sure I needed a camera.

So I grabbed my laptop and began to search. I read every photography quote on Pinterest, scoured the web for the best deals, and began to just generally obsess over having a camera of my own.

Soon, I started earning money. It turned out that a lot of people will pay to have their car cleaned.

As I wiped the suds from my face, I would remember what I was working for and would attack the dusty windows and tires with redounded energy.

Our neighbor informed me that her car had never been so clean.


Finally, the long awaited day arrived. It was late evening, and I sat in my chair at my desk, bouncing up and down with excitement. My mouse hovered over the blue button that read “Complete Order.”

I clicked it and watched with growing excitement as the page loaded.

and should arrive in 6-8 business days.

Your order is complete and should arrive in 6-8 business days.

I grabbed Surjan’s hands and did a happy dance while Chloe barked at our feet.

Now, I just had to wait those dreaded 6-8 business days. That week was the longest of my life, next to the week of Christmas.

On the day it was scheduled to arrive, I lurked by the mailbox, shading my eyes from the sun as I squinted up and down the road, waiting for the mailman. When at long last his dusty van rattled to a stop, I practically shrieked with joy.

He gave me a slightly concerned look and handed me a cardboard box taped tightly shut. I hugged to my chest and shouted my thanks as I dashed towards the house.

I burst into the living room and sank onto the floor. Bits of tape and paper were spread around me as I tore open the box to reveal layer upon layer of brown paper. I tossed it away impatiently.

My camera.

It was mine. It looked like something straight out of Pinterest. It had a lens! It was shiny! It had so many buttons! I loved it already.

I lifted the camera from the box, envisioning the pictures I would take.

I glanced down at the thick camera manual lying at my feet. It didn’t look too inviting.

I pushed it under a heap of paper with my foot and smiled at my camera.

I could always read the manual later, right?

Slowly, I reached down and flipped the tiny switch labeled On/Off.

I clicked the “Start Here” button and settled onto the couch. My smiled faded quickly as a small box with red letters flashed into view.

Error. Please Remove Lens Cap.


This…. could take a while.


Hey guys! 😀

Don’t worry, I’m not quitting the Smallones or anything, this is just a quick photostory . 😉 What did you think? Be sure to comment below!

Would you like to see more short photostories like this one?

Clara (2)

P.S: GUYS! Misty is releasing a novel this fall called Shadows. She posted about it on her blog today….. read the post HERE. 😀

178 thoughts on “The Camera

  1. This was such a cute part! I can’t wait for more of her camera fun! 😉 I definitely would be like her and be like- I don’t wanna read a manual! XD

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  2. Hehe, that was so cute and funny!!! xD That’s probably how I sort of was when I got my camera!! 😛 😀
    AND I”M SO EXCITED FOR MISTY”S STORY!!! IT SOUNDS SOOOO COOL!!!!! I will HAVE TO buy it cause…well…I WOULDN”T be able to keep myself from buying it! XD

    Liked by 1 person

                    1. LOLOL! It seriously was! What would have made it even funnier is if we were just staring at the screen the entire time XD I admit, I did try it once, but let’s just say I would have lost instantly XD

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                    2. YEAH RIGHT!!!!!! NU-UH YOU AINT!!!! I gonna get it FIRST!!!! XD (wow…I have really bad grammer when me wanna…don’t she?! XD ) 😛 MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! >:D I”M TOTALLY GETTIN’ IT FIRST!! How come these PEOPLE CAN’T GET THAT!??? I’ll be on AMAZON waiting for the NEXT TWO MONTHS, Just to PROVE IT!!!! Wait… three months! XD 😛 Gotta go! 😛 Hehe!

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                    3. xD Haha!!! 😛
                      Yeah… I suppose! 😉 But I’ve already OBVIOUSLY proved that it’s ME! *nods with that ‘I’m so great’ smile, and taps chest with one finger* Oh yeah. 🙂 😐 😀 XD hahahaha!!! That was fun… 😛 😀

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                    4. xD Haha!! Yeah.. too bad I’m not that funny IRL! 😛 XD Wow..I just heard a little bit ago “Like they’re INSIDES!? All they’re GUTS!???” XD XD XD Hahaha!!! VERY odd… they were I think talking about sardines found in my sister’s car.. yeah. Wow..that was odd. DX XD XD 😛

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                    5. 😛 D: DX 😛 haha!!! I have to do dog chores now… and I’ll have to check out that ‘pre-ordering thing too…. hmm….’ 😛 hehe!!!! XD OOH, I know!! I’ll just become REALLY good friends with Misty (IRL..yeah..that might take a while..might need to know where she lives first…), and then she’ll LIKE me SOOO much, she’ll just send me- or GIVE me- a copy!!!

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                    6. Yeeaah. About that…? Ugh. …

                      *an hour later* I GIVE UP!!!! XD hahaha!!! 😀 😛 Well..I guess when she publishes her book it will say where she’s from…right? 😛 hehe!!! XD

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                    7. huh???? OOOOoooh!!! 😛 XD Hehe! Sowwy. 😛 XD hahha!!! 😀 Okay, I’m going to go to dog chores now! 😉 PUppies, HERE I COME!!!!!! Yay!!! 😀 The wittle yapper-doodles! 🙂 😛

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                    8. XD XD PH! Yeah RIGHT!!!!! I”VE been WAITING TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DIDN”T YOU SEE MY COMMENT ON THERE!? IF I LEFT A COMMENT! I was PROBABLY TOO BUSY TO EVEN WRITE ONE, cause I was WAITING on AMAZON FOR IT TO COME OUT THERE!!!! XD hahaa!!! 😛 🙂 JK! Gotta go do dog chores! 😛 BYE!

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                    9. XD Hahahah!!! 😀 😀 🙂 This was SO much fun! 😀 It really lightened my day too!!! 😛 😀
                      BYE!! 😀 I can play with the puppies too! 😉 I should post pics of them soon… hmm.. 😛 😀 Thanks for the chat Jaclynn, and Clara!!! 😀 😛 I hope Misty got a laugh out of it too!! 😀 XD

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                    10. Hehe, I’ll sure try!!! 😀 Hehe, I will! 🙂 XD Maybe… 😛 😀
                      Owch. I just went in my room, and tripped over two of my SISTER”S shoes (AHEM!), and then ran into my hamper, and then ran into my bed and nearly fell on the floor!! Hahaha!!!

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                    11. Oooooh!!!! 😀 YAY! I have it TOO! And I’ve invited quite a few people, but none have said yes yet! I just got it today! 😛 😀 You can probably tell I’m excited! 🙂 😀 Haha!!! My username is ‘K.A’ boring, right!? XD hehe!

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                    12. LOL! Do you mean for doing Camp Nano or just inviting friends? I’m not doing Camo Nano, sooo… 😉
                      LOL! It’s better than mine! I think mine is littlehouseofamericangirl13…. I didn’t know that was gonna be my NAME name, just something I would sign in with. So yeah…XD

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                    13. Ooooh!!! OKay! 😀 Cool! 🙂 And if I have questions I’m aloud to chat …just not a lot! 😉 😀 SURE THOUGH! I’ll do it tomorrow, since it’s so late! 😉 What time is it tehre?

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                    14. I haven’t done it yet, but I may in the future. 😀 It looks like fun, but currently I’m just too busy for a month of intense writing. :/ 😉

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                    15. :/ Actually..well it depends on what you mean by ‘long’. 😦 I’m twelve now, I just turned twelve last week….so a year. not TERRIBLY long…but STILL!!! Agh! XD 😀

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                    16. Yeah…same! : hehe!!! 🙂 I guess… 😀 Hehe!!!! 😀 Okay… I WAS going to ask/tell Megan first…but she hasn’t been ‘around’ lately. 😉 *takes deep breath* Can I ask your opinion on something? I still haven’t made up my mind… :/ I need your CANDID opinion!!!

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                    17. Okay.
                      What do YOU think about me getting another blog. Not a Different blog, but ANOTHER one. TELL ME TRUTHFULLY! I’m still not sure. I like cuddly critters blog…and I would SURELY keep posting on it! But then it seems odd that I post so many stories on it. And it’s suppose to just be about my animals.,..not writing. :/ So if I DID get another blog, it would be about like my writing… and not necessarily MORE time on the computer, but it would be like usual…split up..more ….organized, you could say. So….what do you think? Do you think it’s weird for me to post writing and stories on a blog that’s suppose to be about animals?

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                    18. Sorry it took me so long to respond, we had a storm and the power went out. :/ 😉
                      OKAY! Here goes:
                      I think that having a separate blog for writing would be a good idea, if you wanted to keep Cuddly Critters just about critters. 😛 I also think that if you’re going to start another blog, be careful not to make it JUST a writing blog… that way if you ever want to do a random post like a craft or something, you could post it on there. Does that make sense? 🙂 Also, you wouldn’t be posting more than usual- just whenever you wanted to do a random/writing post, you’d do it on your other blog. 😀
                      I hope that helps you!!

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                    19. Awwww, thank you SOOOOOO much Clara!!! 😀 Yeah, I took the pictures for the design! 😀 😛 It was lots of fun! 🙂 Thanks so much! And thank you for following it!

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                    20. 😀 Uh-huh! YES! You were! Other than myself! xD 😛 haha!!! (Oh, did you notice that at the top, with the page thing,when the page bent, it said ‘stoopi’!?!? Hahaha!!! MY sister noticed it… I think It’s an inside joke now. :))

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  3. Wow, I loved this!! Ah, I can relate…I read the first few pages of the manual and quickly lost interest. Haha!
    (Oh, and thanks for the mention. 😁)
    *pretends I haven’t been secretly reading all the above comments these past few minutes*

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks, Misty! LOL, I’m guilty of that, too. 😉
      (No problem. 🙂 )
      Oh, and I’d already commented on your blog.. sorry ’bout that. XD

      -Clara ❤

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