My Story for WordCrafters

Hello, everyone!

It was my turn for WordCrafters, and I was VERY excited, so I wrote this in about an hour. XD It was so fun to write- I can’t wait to see how this story turns out!

If you haven’t read WordCrafters yet, please do so HERE. 🙂


Esme’s eyes grew wide. “What’s wrong with Vivi?”

The elf closed it’s eyes and tugged her hand, grunting. “No time to explain!” it squeaked. “Come on!”

Esme glanced back at the golden light of the fire and the shape of the boys sitting close to the warmth, with the dragon curled up in Pippin’s lap. They were too far away to hear her if she called, and the elf said there was no time.

She would have to go alone.

She hurried after the elf, taking deep breaths and trying not to trip in the darkness. Tree branches brushed against her, making her jumpy and nervous.

The elf would pause every now and then, listen, and take off again. Esme could hardly keep up with her as she pattered quickly along.

Suddenly, the elf froze. She whirled around and lifted her arms to Esme. “Pick me up,” she whispered.

Esme lifted the elf to her shoulder. “What’s going on?”

The elf pulled Esme’s dark hair over her small body and leaned close to the girl’s neck. “Don’t let her see me.”

“Don’t let who see you?”

Two cold hands clutched Esme’s arms and twisted them behind her back.

Esme struggled and thrashed, but the cloaked figure was strong. Soon the young girl was pinned on the ground, a rope binding her hands. She gazed up into the cold eyes of-


Katri frowned disapprovingly down at her prisoner.

“You’re pretty slow, you know that? I’ve been waiting for ten whole minutes for you to arrive.”

Esme started up at Katri, trying to form words but failing. Finally, she whispered, “Why?”

Katri smiled and spoke in a mocking tone. “You’re not very smart for such a big girl of eleven. You walked right into my trap.” She leaned down and lifted the tiny elf from where she cowered on the ground. “And now I have this creature, too. We’ll call it an… added bonus.”

Esme’s face darkened. “You’re evil.”

Katri ignored the words and yanked Esme to her feet. “The plan isn’t complete until your friends get here.”

Esme scowled. “They don’t know I’m here. They won’t come.”

“Oh, but they will.”

Katri grabbed Esme’s arm and twisted it sharply, causing a shriek to escape the young girl’s lips. Esme moaned as Katri released her arm.

Right on cue, Pippin’s voice floated through the woods. “Esme! Vivi! Are you okay? Where are you?”

Esme bit her lip to keep from screaming again as Katri stepped hard on her foot.

The boys burst into the clearing, followed closely by the dragon. Pippin froze, his eyes darting back and forth from bruised Esme to Katri, who was staring at the boys. A few seconds passed. No one moved. Pippin’s eyes filled with anger.


He leapt forward and landed on Katri, slamming her roughly to the ground. He held her down as she kicked and struggled. “Let me up!”

Pippin snorted. “Fat chance of that.” He grabbed her shoulders and slammed them against the ground with each word. “Where. Is. Vivi.”

Katri panted and gasped. “I- you- she-”

Suddenly, Esme’s voice rang out, bright and clear. “Don’t hurt her, Pippin.”

Pippin’s mouth dropped open. “She hurt you, Esme!”

Esme struggled to a sitting position. “I want to hear her side of the story- but she’d better give us Vivi first.”

Pippin nodded. “Right.” He glared at Katri. “WHERE IS SHE?”

The girl moaned softly as he dug his fingernails into her arm. “Fine… fine. She’s over there.” Katri jerked her head towards a patch of shadows a few yards away.

Devin rushed to the place, leaned down, and let out a strangled gasp.

Pippin shouted, “What is it? Is she okay?” Esme tore frantically at her bonds, trying to get to her friend.

Devin emerged from the shadows, holding a limp figure in his arms.

Vivi’s hair was caked with mud and leaves, and a deep, ugly gash was etched across her forehead. Blood was streaked over her face. She lay still in Devin’s grasp, her breaths soft and few. Her eyes were closed, her face pale.

Esme’s bonds tore with a loud ripping sound as she broke free. She dashed to Devin and lifted Vivi’s limp head in her arms.

Pippin expected to hear the sound of sobs, but she was strangely silent.

Esme pulled Vivi’s hair away from her forehead and shot a look of pure hatred at Katri.

“Someone get me some bandages already.”

Pippin, startled by her sharp tone, kept one foot on Katri’s chest as he lifted her cloak into the air. The tiny elf tumbled out of it and scurried away, squeaking it’s thanks.

Pippin began to tear the cloak into thin strips. He handed them one by one to Esme, who silently wrapped Vivi’s head with the makeshift bandages.

Katri had fallen quiet at the sight of the injured Vivi. She stopped struggling and lay still as Pippin tore the cloak and Esme bandaged Vivi. She watched the way the two worked together, trusting each other, caring for their friend.

Then, she burst into tears.

Pippin paused his work and started down at her in utter amazement. “What on earth…”

Katri was sobbing to hard to reply. She simply stared at Vivi as tears poured down her cheeks.

Esme coldly ignored Katri and finished caring for Vivi. She helped Devin to lay her on the leaves, then sat down and lifted Vivi’s head in her lap. Pippin handed her what remained of the cloak to use as a blanket. Esme pulled Vivi’s hair away from her face and gently adjusted the bandages.

All the while, Katri wept.

Finally, Esme turned her head slowly, and her dark eyes met Katri’s.

They were filled with tears.

Esme’s face softened a tiny fraction- but her expression was still murderous. She turned away and spoke to Pippin. “Let her sit up, Pippin. Don’t let go of her.”

Pippin obeyed, leaning Katri against a tree and clutching her arms firmly.

Esme stared at the older girl for a long moment. Then, she spoke.

“Why would you hurt Vivi?”

Katri swallowed hard and blinked quickly. “I-” she trailed off into sobs again.

Esme’s face darkened. “Oh, stop that,” she snapped. “Even I can cry better than you. You sound like a blubbering horse.”

Pippin and Devin both snorted.

Katri stopped crying.

Esme spoke slowly, as if she were speaking to a very young child. “Why did you do this?”

Katri’s violet eyes were wide and sad as she whispered, “I’m sorry. My father told me to.”


Loren, it’s your turn! To the people who haven’t written their part of WordCrafters yet, please keep in mind you’re not allowed to kill Pippin, Vivi, or Esme. 😉 (Though it can be very tempting… I would know. XD )

What did you think of my part? Be sure to comment below and tell me!

Have an amazing day. ❤

Clara (2)


So, I REALLY wanted to put this into my story, but I wasn’t able to:

In the very beginning of the story, someone made Esme lose her bear in the travel between worlds. What if Pippin had noticed she put her hand in her pocket when she was sad, and wondered about it. Then, when they went from world to world, the bear fell out of her pocket. Pippin saw it and grabbed it before Esme could see, because he was curious about it. Now, he’s too embarrassed to give it back- though he feels really terrible about it.

Could someone work that into their story? XD

14 thoughts on “My Story for WordCrafters

  1. WHOA! Yikes, that was intense, Clara! But it was GREAT! Also you might have broken the record for fastest chapter writing. XD I loved your part, and I can’t wait to see what Loren writes! SQUEEEEE! This is getting so good!
    P. S. That’s a good idea about the bear. I hope someone can use it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YAY! Thank you SO much, Allison!!!! 😀 LOL, yeah, I may have been a liiitle excited. XD
      Yeah, I hope so, too! 🙂

      -Clara ❤


  2. Oh, that was great! I really like Esme. 🙂 And the bear part would be a good idea! The problem with many authors for one book is that there are too many ‘directions’ one could go. (Esme losing her bear, for instance) So when there is cliff-hanger after cliff-hanger, the possibilities keep adding up. 😛


    Liked by 1 person

      1. No prob!!! 😀 Guess what!? I AM old enough to get the YWP (young writers project) NaNoWriMo!! AND I GOT IT!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😛 Do you know of any bloggers that have it? Other than Misty, Grace, Lainey…

        Liked by 1 person

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