Art Lab, Episode #12: City Skyline

Hello! I got my braces tightened today. OUCH. I also got some teal rubber bands…. they actually don’t hurt that bad. 😉
So, anyways, I was super excited when Hayley asked me to join ArtLab! Today I’ll be sharing some art inspiration that I came up with while on vacation…
To make this ATC, I used strips of a map to cover cardstock.
If you don’t have a map, you could print one out or draw your own. A black-and-white map would be neat, too.
The next thing I did was to sketch the city skyline I wanted on my ATC. I chose the skyline of Nashville. It’s one of my favorite cities. I used THIS IMAGE as inspiration, then sketched the skyline on cardstock. I cut it out and colored it black with a Sharpie.
Then I just glued the skyline onto the ATC.. and that’s it! This was pretty simple to make, and you could do this for any city.

If you were inspired to make an ATC, we’d love to see it! Send in a picture at Go to the Art Gallery page for more details. 🙂


 1. throw someone out of a window.
THERE! I did it, Megan! XD (To the rest of you, Megan dared me to use the word defenestrate in my next post, so I did…. 😛 )

32 thoughts on “Art Lab, Episode #12: City Skyline

  1. This is an awesome ATC!! One of my sister made an ATC with the city skyline of Boston, but I’ve never done it myself–maybe this will inspire me to try to make one myself ;). I’m so glad you’re apart of ArtLab, I know I’ll love all your posts :).

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