The Smallones: Season 2, Episode 8

THE SMALLONES IS BACK! *throws confetti*

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“Where is Lora?” Ava repeated, looking worried.

Chloe bounded into her owner’s lap with a joyful yelp while Obsidian fluttered to a stop on Ava’s shoulder. Ava turned her gaze to Ivy. “What happened?”

Ivy grabbed her sister’s hand. “Are you okay, Ava? The snake bit you and you weren’t moving but then there was blue light and the newt did something and-”

Ava got to her feet. “We need to find Lora, Ivy. Don’t worry about me, I’m fine…”

“Ava! There you are!”

Both girls whirled around at the voice. Lora stood unharmed in the grass, gazing up at them with wide eyes. Ava rushed to her and began to talk rapidly.

Ivy stood still, blinking. She closed her eyes and opened them again.

Lora was still there.

She’s real, Ivy realized. Ava was right. Hot shame burned in her mind as she remembered her skeptical comments. She needed to apologize, but not right now. She’d do it later.

She stepped forwards to listen to Lora, who was in Ava’s hand.

“I tried to warn you,” Lora was saying to Ava while simultaneously stroking a purring Obsidian. “I’m sorry I couldn’t stop the snake in time. Did it hurt you?”

Ava smiled weakly. “I’m okay, are you not hurt? I saw you hit the ground. That was a long fall.”

Lora sighed. “I’m a Healer. All Smallones have a power. Healers are pretty common- powers like my mother has are much rarer. I can heal wounds and such.”

Ava gasped. “That’s amazing! You could help Ivy!”

“Is that what the newt is?” Ivy blurted.

Both girls gave her blank stares. “The newt?” Lora repeated.

Ivy reddened. “Um, I mean Obsidian. Is he a Healer? He healed Ava.”

Lora nodded. “It’s a rare thing for dragons to have a power, but he seems to be a Healer.”

“Back to Ivy’s hand,” Ava prompted. “That’s why we came to see you, Lora. We were sure you’d know what to do.”

Ivy opened her mouth to explain to Lora that she’d burnt her hand on the stove. Then, she paused.

Lora’s wide, intense green eyes seemed to be staring right through her. Ivy had the feeling that no matter what she said, Lora would know the truth.

Ivy took a deep breath.

“This is the real truth. All of it.” She glanced uncomfortably at Ava.

“I was sitting in a tree in our yard. Then I saw something moving in the branches. I was sure I saw a tiny girl- kinda like you, Lora. When I leaned closer, she shot blue fire right out of her hand, and it burned me. Then she vanished into thin air.”

Ivy’s shoulders sagged in relief. The burning guilt in her stomach was gone, now that she’d told the truth.

Lora was staring at Ivy in shock. “A Flamer? It can’t be. We haven’t had a Flamer in decades. She must be one of Elvira’s soldiers, just like the snake.”

“What are you talking about, Lora?” Ava looked confused. “Who is Elvira?”

Lora paused for a moment. Then she glanced up at Ava. “I need to tell you a story.” She looked at Ivy. “Both of you. The Smallones are in big trouble. I’m afraid you’ve been caught up right in the middle of it, Ava. Again.”

“What?” Ava looked surprised. “What did I do?”

Lora clutched Ava’s thumb. “Please don’t feel like this is your fault, Ava. Because it isn’t.”

“Please tell me what’s going on!” Ava begged.

Lora’s eyes got a faraway look, and reluctantly, she began to tell her story.

“When my mother- the Queen- was born, she wasn’t an only child. She had an older sister named Elvira.”

“Elvira was a bitter and angry child. She hated her little sister from the moment she was born….”


To be continued….

Part 9 coming soon! 😀


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