Cute Attack


I think Mulan might be the world’s cutest doll. What do you think?

YES! I finally got a picture where she’s looking at the camera! 😛


Yep, she’s pretty adorable. I need to get her some more outfits, though… does anyone know a good place to get clothes for DA dolls? 😉

What are your thoughts on Disney Animator’s dolls?

38 thoughts on “Cute Attack

  1. Oh wow. That is a pretty doll. I think the most interesting thing about her is that her eyes are to the side. That’s a really interesting touch.
    Have you considered making clothes for her? I’ll bet you could scale down a pattern to fit her.
    If sewing isn’t your thing, consider asking Anna Allen from She’s a sewing genius, and with enough casho involved, I’ll bet she’d make you something. 😉

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    1. Yes, I agree! She’s really unique. 🙂
      Yeah, I have made a few things for her, there just aren’t a lot of DA-sized patterns out there…
      I’ll check her out! 🙂

      -Clara ❤


  2. She is just TOO CUTE!! *Random sequence of odd noises expressing the feeling of cuteness overload* She so sweet and serene… and thoughtful… she looks like she’s pondering something…
    Great pictures!

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