Ivy in Autumn


Autumn is here and in full swing. I took Ivy out today for some photos.. I hope you enjoy! πŸ˜‰

I love dressing Ivy in bright colors! She’s so adorable. πŸ˜€

Do you own Ivy?

We’re going through a pretty bad drought right now. It’s SO DRY outside. :/

60 thoughts on “Ivy in Autumn

  1. Clara, I just noticed, you changed your profile picture! (I actually did, too, recently, do you like it?) It’s so funny, whenever I think of you, I think of a panda! LOL! So, I’ll kinda have to get used to seeing your face buried in a book! πŸ˜‰

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      1. Oh, thank you so much for checking your spam folder – I didn’t know how to let you know the problem was happening again! Thanks so much for approving them. And I’m so very sorry for the inconvenience! I’ve figured out the problem. Since I have a very extensive list of blogs I visit and comment on every day and tend to do it all at once, I’m constantly being marked as spam because of how fast I try to blow through it. πŸ˜• So sorry again for my crazy comment problems!

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  2. Beautiful pictures! Ivy is adorable! I don’t have her, but my sister does. Maybe I should take pictures of my sister’s dolls…. That would be fun! πŸ™‚

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  3. Great photo shoot. The photos are well posed and the model is adorable. I’m not fond of those glasses on her, they seem a bit overwhelming. However, they match her outfit perfectly.
    I don’t have Ivy, but she was always a favorite.

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