Giveaway Reminder

Just a reminder – my giveaway (LODESTAR by Shannon Messenger) ends TOMORROW, Nov. 15, at midnight!! I will be announcing the winner on the 16th. Good luck to all, and thank you to everyone who has entered so far!

>>>> ENTER HERE <<<<

Before I go, here’s a cute picture to make this post a little more interesting. 😉

That’s my sister, Lila, playing with our favorite kitty Grover. He’s so sweet. 😀

Thank you for reading! Adios…

Christmas Tree on emojidex  P.S: Christmas Tree on emojidex

I can’t believe that Christmas is so soon! 😮 What are your holiday plans?

19 thoughts on “Giveaway Reminder

  1. Hi Clara! So, I was wondering if I could enter my sister Hailey in the Giveaway? She would really like this book, I’m sure. However she doesn’t blog. Am I aloud to enter her in it? She’s a fan of the lodestar books, but isn’t as into it as me. Thanks Clara.

    Allie Taylor

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      1. Alright! I will! Thanks again, Grace! I hope I win, but if she wins, I might be able to “borrow” the book from her… (aka, her book goes ‘missing’ all of the sudden. And when I finish reading it, I put it somewhere she can find it…) JK! *I might actually do that if she wins…*

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  2. Wohoo! I can’t wait to see who wins the giveaway! (By the way, we’re going to send Keeper back really soon – probably today or tomorrow. 😉 Thanks soooo much for letting us “borrow” it! 😀 )
    Aww, that’s such a cute picture! 🙂
    P. S. I knoooow! I love Christmas, but I’m not sure if I’m ready for it yet… Our holiday plans are usually to go to umpteen different family Christmas celebrations. 😀 So fun!

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  3. Aww, your Grover is cute! He looks like a sweet kitty!
    I don’t think I will be entering your giveaway, as I haven’t read any of the Keeper books. . . *sheepish grin*. . .
    But it sounds like a great giveaway!! 😀
    Yes, it is SO crazy how soon Christmas is! I haven’t even made my wishlist yet! Yeah… I should probably do that soon. 😉

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    1. He is very sweet and fluffy! 🙂
      Oh, that’s okay! No pressure! (You have GOT to read Keeper though! *pushes you towards a library*)
      Yeah! I can’t wait!! 😀

      -Clara ❤


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