The Smallones: Season 2, Episode 10

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Ahem. Well, anyways, I have some exciting news! 😀 I’m very happy to announce that The Smallones won Best Photo Series in The Paisley Awards! Thank you so much to everyone who voted for us! ❤

Without further ado, I hope you enjoy Episode 10. 😉 Here’s a refresher from the end of Episode 9:


Lora shook her head.

“That had always been the sister’s biggest difference. When Lilith was hurt, she opened up to others.

Elvira, however, only drew farther and farther away.”

“Time passed. The sisters grew older.

One terrible day, the old king died.

Elvira plunged deeper into her solitude. Lilith, heartbroken though she was, stepped up to help her mother rule, unaware to the fact that Elvira was angry with her younger sister’s ability to stay so strong and calm through it all.

Another year passed before the queen also died, leaving Elvira, the eldest, as heir to the throne.

Elvira took the throne uncertainly, greatly unsure of whether she wanted the attention and responsibility that came with being queen. She struggled to become the great ruler her parents had wanted her to be. She stayed in her castle, never speaking to her people, afraid of their criticism.

Meanwhile, Lilith had been married to a young man named Aviel. They were very happy, and soon they had a daughter. They named her Lora, which means flower.”

Lora cleared her throat.

“That baby was me.”

“I was hardly a year old when my father went on a hunting trip that ended in a tragedy – his death. An incident with a wild dragon went very wrong. Lilith was devastated when she heard the news.”

Lora paused. “I don’t remember much about him,” she said sadly. “Mother told me that he was very good with dragons. Maybe that’s why Obsidian and I are such good friends.” She smiled and rubbed the little dragon’s head.

“Anyway, I’d better get back to the story…”

“When Elvira heard that Lilith’s husband has been killed, she offered her sister a home in the royal castle. Lilith accepted gratefully. She moved into the castle, where she and I were treated well. I was raised like a princess. We had every luxury we could possibly want.

It didn’t take Lilith long to notice Elvira’s fear of being the queen. Hoping to help her lonely sister, Lilith told Elvira she would be willing to help her rule, if Elvira so wished.

Elvira was suspicious. Was this her sister’s plan to take the throne? She decided it would be good to keep a closer eye on Lilith. So she agreed.

A week later, with Lilith’s encouragement, Elvira made her first public appearance.

Elvira recited a speech nervously. She spoke about how she hoped to rule her people and changes she would like to make. Tentative applause rippled through the crowd when she came haltingly to the end.

Then, Lilith stepped forward to give a speech of encouragement she had written for her sister.

Lilith’s voice was strong and clear. The speech was kind and moving. It was a true masterpiece. The people were moved.

Elvira felt a deep, jealous twinge as she heard the crowd’s enthusiastic applause. Was she always to be second to her sister?

Lilith was dangerously oblivious to her sister’s jealousy. She continued to help her sister rule – and outdo her in almost everything. The people clearly favored Lilith. A rumor began that some people were calling her ‘the rightful queen.’

When these rumors reached Elvira’s ears, she became exceedingly angry. She considered asking Lilith to leave the castle.

Elvira wanted to get Lilith as far away from herself as she could. However, she feared that the people would become even more displeased with her than they already were. So Lilith stayed on, taking care of her young daughter and helping Elvira rule.

It wasn’t much longer before the time came for the Smallones’ annual Summer Feast. The queen always made an appearance, and Elvira, in keeping with tradition, wrote a speech about the coming fall and winter and the preparations that would be necessary.

The day of the feast came.

Elvira stepped forward and began to speak, trying not to look nervous. She spoke quietly, but tried to appear confident. The people were restless. They were used to a rousing, inspiring speech. Elvira wound on and on, saying nothing very useful, and becoming more and more boring.

Suddenly, someone in the crowd jumped to their feet.

‘We want Lilith, the rightful queen!’ she shouted. A loud murmur of agreement swept through the crowd.

Elvira stopped talking abruptly. She turned to face Lilith, who had been watching with quiet worry from the side of the stage.

Anger sparked in Elvira’s eyes. ‘Arrest her,’ she shouted, pointing a quavering finger at her sister.

Chaos erupted. The people shouted angrily, furious that Elvira was imprisoning the princess. Lilith had done nothing wrong!

The guards hesitated, fearing that the angry people would overtake them if they tried to take Lilith away.

Elvira, realizing how furious her people were, fled away into the tall grass to escape the danger of the angry mob. Lilith quickly pursued her, dodging the confused guards.

Lilith searched until she finally found Elvira, hiding deep in the grass.

When Elvira saw Lilith coming, she was furious. ‘Stay away from me,’ she whispered, fury filling her voice. ‘Go home and be the rightful queen. It’s what you want, isn’t it?’

‘I’m so sorry,’ Lilith told her. ‘Please, please don’t be angry. I had no idea the people felt this way. You are the rightful queen, Elvira. I have no intention of stealing your throne.’

But Elvira had been pushed too far. She rose to her feet. ‘I’m warning you, Lilith. Leave now.’

Lilith begged her sister to see reason.

Elvira gave her sister one last look of disgust and anger. Then she slipped away into the grass.

Lilith chased after her, calling her, begging her to come back. She searched all through the night, but Elvira was gone.”

Lora sighed.

“That was almost sixteen years ago. Elvira never came back.”


To be continued…

What do you think will happen next?

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