Happy Birthday, Jaclynn!

Hey, guys!

Today is Jaclynn’s birthday. She’s the girl who blogs at Little House of American Girl and Little Miss Fluffet. If you want to tell her happy birthday, then be sure to go leave her a comment! I’m sure she’ll appreciate it. 😀

I made her a virtual birthday card:


If you haven’t already, go follow her doll blog and her writing blog, and be sure to wish her a happy birthday! 😀

Before I go, here’s an adorable picture of my little brother Ezra playing with his camera. 😉

Have a great week, everyone!

We’re going bowling tomorrow! I might bring my camera and try to get some pictures.

26 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Jaclynn!

  1. Hey Clara! I’m going to do a Book Madness spinoff of March Madness, and I was wondering…do you think I should do 32 books to start or 16? My dad did this for his school, and he said that 32 takes a while to vote on, but 16 seems kinda too little.
    What do you think?
    Thanks! 😀

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