Transform Your Hand Lettering Into a Pretty Graphic


I don’t know about you, but I love hand lettering. It’s so much fun to mix and match the different fonts and create something unique! Today, I’ll be showing you how to turn your hand-lettered masterpiece into a colorful and pretty graphic. ๐Ÿ˜€


Let’s get started!

Get creative! Find a quote or saying you like, then use a dark-colored pen or sharpie to draw it. There’s soย much inspiration on Pinterest for this stuff – just search “hand lettering” and you’ll find all the inspiration you could possibly want! When you’re finished, take a picture of your work. Here’s what mine looked like, unedited:


Go toย Click the “Edit” button at the top of the page. Select the photo of your lettering, and PicMonkey will open it in their editor.

When your image opens, you will be taken to PicMonkey’s editing page. You’ll see aย bar on the left side of the screen with some basic editing options. Click on the “Exposure” tab to open up the tools you need. You will see four sliders: Brightness, Highlights, Shadows, and Contrast. The two we’re using today are Shadows and Contrast.

Raise the Shadows and Contrast all the way up to 100. If your photo still has some uneven lighting, you might want to raise the highlights a bit, too. Click the green “Apply” button.

Now that you’ve finished with the Exposure, move your mouse down and click on the “Sharpen” tab.

Raise the Sharpness just a bit, and the Clarity about halfway. This helps yourย lettering to have sharp, clear lines. Click “Apply.”

Now that you’ve finished the basic editing, this is what your photo should look like:

If you’re making a coloring sheet or a plain black-and-white image, you can stop here! However, if you want your lettering to really pop, then carry on to the next step.

On the left side of your page, you’ll see a gray bar with nine different symbols on it. Click on the one near the bottom that looks like a square made of crisscrossed lines. This will take you to the “Textures” section.

At the top of the Textures bar, you’ll see an option that says “Your Own.” Click on this to open up a list of options. Click the “Add your own” button and select “My computer.” Open up the image you want to be the background for your lettering. It can be anything! I chose an image with a wood grain print. When you open the image of your choice, it’s going to appear on top of your lettering.

Stay in the “Your Own” section and click on the tab under the words “Blend Mode.” This will open a list of different blend modes. Select “Darken.”

Once that’s finished, lower the “Fade” mode to 0% and raise the Saturation a bit.

This is what your photo should look like now:

I recommend using a light-colored image with a simple pattern for your background, or it will make the words hard to read.

Add some color! I used some clipart in different shades of blue to make my image really pop. Here is the finished result:

So pretty, right? ๐Ÿ˜€ This would make a great phone background! You can use this method to make graphics for your blog, posters for your wall, computer backdrops, framed photos…. the possibilitiesย are endless!

Have fun designing!

53 thoughts on “Transform Your Hand Lettering Into a Pretty Graphic

  1. OH MY GOSH CLARA THIS IS SO AMAZING??? LIKE AGH!!! dies I’ve really been getting into hand lettering nowadays, and when I saw this I was like AGH THIS IS SO AMAZING. Thank you so much, Clara girl! This will DEFINITELY be helpful!

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    1. Thanks! To add clipart, click on the butterfly icon on the left side of PicMonkey’s editor. You can pick from their clipart or click the “Your Own” button to add your own image. ๐Ÿ™‚

      -Clara โค

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey Clara! Quick question, do I have your permission to do a post on how to do this with colored hand lettering, or colored drawing? I understand if not, just wanted to make sure first!

    Liked by 1 person

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