The Smallones: Season 2, Episode 11


YAY, it’s Smallones time! In case you haven’t read the rest of the series, please click HERE to do so. 🙂

Here’s a refresher from the end of Episode 10:


Elvira gave her sister one last look of disgust and anger. Then she slipped away into the grass.

Lilith chased after her, calling her, begging her to come back. She searched all through the night, but Elvira was gone.”

Lora sighed.

“That was almost sixteen years ago. Elvira never came back.”

“When Elvira left, Mother was completely devastated. She had never realized just how bitter and angry Elvira had been. She sent out search parties to look for her sister, but Elvira was never found even after weeks of searching.

Finally, Mother realized that she had to step up and be the queen now that Elvira was gone. The people were very pleased. She was the queen they had wanted all along. Yet even while Mother was crowned as queen, she mourned for her lost sister.

Mother made a wonderful queen. She restored order and peace to the Smallones, and our kingdom thrived. I grew up in the castle as a spoiled princess. I loved to explore the land around our kingdom, and that’s how I ended up meeting you, Ava.”

Ava smiled. “I remember it vividly.”

Lora nodded. “I’m sure you recall what happened next…”

“Mother had taken us out into the clover patch – a rare treat since we hardly ever ventured out from the oak tree. I wandered off and you found me. You probably understand now why Mother was so shocked and terrified when you appeared in the clover patch. You were a human. The Smallones’ last encounter with humans had gone horribly wrong, and almost cost Mother her sister’s life. Humans had become hated and feared – and now, there you were, the first human she had seen in over 20 years. It’s no wonder Mother panicked and attacked you. She didn’t have the heart to kill you, though, so instead, she used something that had been passed from ruler to ruler through the centuries – the enchanted stone.

She hoped to put you into an eternal sleep, harmless to Smallones, but still alive.”

Ava rubbed Obsidian’s head and he purred. “Thanks to Obsidian’s healing power, though, the stone’s power backfired.”

Lora nodded. “Yes. When Mother saw that you helped the entire kingdom, including her beloved daughter, she realized that you were trustworthy. She decided to become your ally. She knew you might be a great help to the Smallones again one day.”

“After you left, Ava, things returned to normal for a little while. Life went on as usual. At first, some of the citizens were upset that we had become allies with a human. Mother spoke personally to anyone who objected, and soon the entire kingdom was supportive of Mother’s decision.

Then, about three weeks ago, a figure cloaked in black appeared in front of the castle.

He spoke in a low voice, his face hidden behind a black mask. He told my mother he had a message for her…

… A message from Queen Elvira.”

Ava gasped.

“My mother was shocked. Elvira was alive, and she was a queen? A queen of what?

The dark messenger would not answer her questions. He only handed her a folded slip of paper and hurried away, into the forest that lay beyond the hill where our oak tree rested.

When Mother unfolded the note, this is what she read:

Lilith –

Stop interacting with humans.

-Queen Elvira

Mother was confused and angry. Her only sister had disappeared for sixteen years, then out of nowhere, sent a messenger to deliver a short, sharp note demanding she cut off her ties with humans?

She considered trying to find Elvira and answer her note in person, but she feared that her sister would not want to see her. So she decided to ignore the message.”

Lora shook her head.

“That was a mistake.”

“A week later, another note was delivered by the same messenger. This one was much worse.”

Lilith –

Humans are untrustworthy. They are our enemies. If you are too cowardly to cut your ties with the human race, then my soldiers will do it for you.

-Queen Elvira

“Mother was beginning to realize this was more serious than she could ever have dreamed. Elvira was threatening her, threatening to use force to cut off her ties with humans. If Elvira made good on her threat, then this could mean war.

Mother decided to ignore this message as well, in the hopes that Elvira would give up.

Nothing else happened – until today.”

“The snake?” Ava guessed.

Lora nodded. “Yes. I was out taking a walk when the snake attacked me. I’m sure Elvira sent it – the only snakes that live naturally in this field are rat snakes, and they’re peaceful and would never try to attack us.”

“Wow,” Ivy said. “So.. does this mean that Elvira has started a war?”

Lora’s face was troubled. “By sending a creature to deliberately attack a citizen of the Smallones, I’m afraid she has. My mother will be absolutely furious when she hears about this.”

“Elvira isn’t going to be defeated easily,” Ava muttered. “She’s determined to keep Lilith from becoming allies with humans. Who knows what kind of army Elvira has built up while she’s been in hiding? This is very, very bad.”


To be continued…

My next post will be a behind the scenes look at how I create The Smallones, so watch out for that! 😀

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