REVIEW: Gathered Collar Top / Spray Paint Leggings – Peppermint Pursuits


 Happy belated Easter, guys! I hope you all had a great Easter Sunday. 🙂

Today, I’ll be reviewing something I bought from Etsy! Many of you probably read the blog Small Dolls in a Big World. They have an Etsy shop called Peppermint Pursuits, and I recently purchased a doll outfit from them. I’ll be reviewing it today. 😀 Also, American Girl Doll Artist recently did a post on photoshoot and editing tips, and I used a lot of her advice when shooting/editing the photos for this post. 🙂

I bought this outfit off Etsy for $21.00 with a shipping fee of $3.50It took a little under 2 weeks for it to arrive at my house, which isn’t bad. 😉 The outfit consists of 2 pieces: a gray knit top with a gathered collar and ankle length leggings with a colorful spray paint pattern.

Here is the top! It is made to fit 18″ dolls like American Girl. The top has short sleeves, is a silver/gray color, and opens and closes with velcro in the back. The collar has to be adjusted a bit so that it lays just right on the doll.

Now for the leggings. They have an elastic waist and slip easily onto the doll. I love how colorful the splatters of paint are! These would be nice to wear while doing an art project. 😉

The top is so cute! It can be paired with a lot of different things like skirts, jeans, or shorts. 😀

Here is the outfit from the back. It fits Ava very well!

This outfit looks very comfy. I think Ava would enjoy relaxing with a good book or taking her puppy for a walk in it. 😉

I paired this outfit with socks and glasses from Our Generation, which is one of my favorite companies to buy accessories from. 🙂

One thing I really love about this outfit is how stretchy it is! Both the top and the leggings are made from soft, stretchy knit that allows me to easily pose my doll without her clothes restricting her movement. 😀

I’ve tried this outfit on several of my dolls with various skin shades and hair colors, and it looks great on all of them.

Overall, I really love this outfit and would recommend it! My final rating is…



Ava would like to remind you to go check out Peppermint Pursuits on Etsy. They have several cute outfits and some incredibly realistic doll food for reasonable prices. 🙂

Thanks for reading!

Have you ever bought something from Etsy?


39 thoughts on “REVIEW: Gathered Collar Top / Spray Paint Leggings – Peppermint Pursuits

  1. what a cute outfit! if only I had some money, i just spent it all on smugglers bounty. (when will my star wars stuff come???) when do a have another baby sitting job???? because my doll ‘needs’ those adorable foods!
    (SHE says she needs them, but I say that she has to much and not enough space. what she NEEDS is a fridge.)
    Most crazily, ~Olive

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  2. Hey Clara! I have two questions for you. 🙂
    First, have you been having any trouble with PicMonkey loading? For a while the shockwave kept crashing, but I’m using Internet Explorer now so it doesn’t do that. I’m trying to design featured images, but it won’t save my photo! I click SAVE and the little window pops up, but it just keeps loading and loading and never stops. And the little DOWNLOAD IT thing in the corner doesn’t work…it’s like it’s a link but there’s nothing to click on. 😦 Help..?
    Secondly, did you get a swag pack from the Lodestar pre-order giveaway? If so, what did you do with it or use the stickers for? I still have mine in the envelope and am curious to see how you used it.

    Thanks so much! 😀

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    1. Hi, Grace! 😀
      Yes, I have a lot of issues with PicMonkey. XD The reason for the shockwave crashing is because if you have a large number of fonts downloaded it slows everything down. PicMonkey talked about it in one of their articles and said they’re working on fixing it. 😀 Ugh, the saving thing is so annoying. :/ That’s happened to me some…. usually if I hit “save” and that starts happening, then I just click the back arrow and try again. 🙂 I hope you can get it working! You could try emailing PicMonkey and asking if they have any suggestions.
      Yep, I did get one! I used the Neverseen sticker and put it on a round piece of plastic and made a keychain for my purse – maybe you could do that? 😀
      No problem! 🙂

      -Clara ❤

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      1. Hello! 😀
        As annoying as it is, I’m definitely glad that it isn’t just me! But that’s a bummer. 😦 And I definitely tried over and over again, but nothing works. I’m also not a Premium member, so I can’t upload to Hub either. I’ll try emailing PicMonkey and see what I can do.
        Thanks! 😀 That’s a great idea! 😀 And did you put the bookplate inside the book at all? I still haven’t haha. XD

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        1. Yeah. :/ I’m not Premium either – I wish the Hub was available to free members! I hope it gets resolved. 🙂
          Yeah, I did! I didn’t want to do anything to my precious book for a while, but I finally decided to and I’m glad I did! Also, I got an email from Shannon Messenger today! XD I had emailed her some fan art waaay back in 2015, and she just now put in on her Pinterest. How cool is that? 😛

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          1. Same here, and thanks! 😀
            Thanks! You’re probably getting tired of me asking, but what did you do with the Iggy poster and character stickers? Sorry…I just have no clue! XD And wow, that is so neat! Congrats! I seriously need to make some art. 😉 I actually made a Black Swan ATC…maybe I can email her that! 😀

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            1. LOL, that’s okay! XD I have a section of my bedroom wall devoted to bookish things, and I have the Iggy poster hanging there. (Did you see on her Instagram that Iggy will be green in the next book?) 😀
              As for the charachter stickers, I just have them sitting on my bookshelf along with some Tsums and Pops and such. I should probably do something with them…. XD
              Oooh, you should totally email it to her! She’ll respond eventually, even if it does take a few years. 😛 If you ask her in the email to put it on her Pinterest fan art board, she will! 😀

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  3. Hey! Well, I think I figured out my problem! I basically decided to crop the photos to squares, and they saved just fine! I think the pictures were just too big. The shockwave flash crashes every so often, but I think that’s just a sign that PicMonkey needs a break. 😛

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      1. Also . . . Remember how I asked you about the free photo space trick, and even though the pictures showed up in my media folder, that they weren’t “really” there? Well I was wondering, do you know if that’s still true? And if so, can I delete those from my media folder without them taking off the pictures from my blog? Thanks! 😀

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        1. Yeah, it’s still true! Hmm, I’ve never tried deleting them, but if you wanted to, then I would do a test run by deleting just one picture and seeing if it’s still there before deleting a ton of them. 🙂

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