DIY Design #4: Free Photos and Design Resources


It’s DIY Design time! This week, the topic is free photos and design resources and where to find them. 🙂

DIY DESIGN 4 free photo sites

You cannot use photos from Google (or Bing) Images without giving credit to the original owner of the photo. Linking back to the site where you got the image from is the ideal way to do this. Each image is owned by someone, and whether it’s a big company or some small website, I can guarantee that they don’t appreciate it when people use their photos (or GIFs) without giving any acknowledgment that the image is not their own. Those images are legally theirs, just as any photo you create for your blog is legally yours. Give. Image. Credit.

Now that that little rant is over with, let’s move onto something happier – images that you can use for free! Without giving image credit! Hooray!

There are countless websites out there that offer free photos. All of the sites listed below have very similar licenses. They all state that you can copy, modify, and distribute their images, without asking for permission or giving image credit. Commercial use is allowed for all of them as well.

I’ve gathered some of my favorites below:


I love Unsplash! Their website is really well-done and they have tons of beautiful images.


Pixabay has a “SafeSearch Filter” that filters out any images that may be inappropriate, which is a really nice feature.


More lovely photos. They are automatically sorted on the home page by popularity, which is pretty cool.

I love all of the colorful images on this site!

All of those sites were just for photos. Now I’ll link you to some sites where you can get free clipart, textures, icons, fonts, and more:

Free Pretty Things For You

This site has an enormous amount of free resources! The site creator, Keren, finds freebies from all over the web and posts links to them on the site. She also creates some of her own freebies.

Angie Makes

A lot of the stuff on this site isn’t free, but there are a good bit of free things as well. 😀 Lots of watercolor freebies!

Creative Market

I mentioned Creative Market in my fonts post, but they don’t just offer fonts. They have tons of clipart, backgrounds for graphics, textures, and more! They release 6 new freebies every Monday. I highly recommend signing up for their emails.

Pixel Surplus

This is another great site! Pixel Surplus does weekly “Freebie Roundups” with free items from their site and other sites.

Pixel Buddha

Pixel Buddha has over 30 pages of freebies. Just hit the “freebies” button on the top menu to see them all.


Shabby Blogs

Again, tons of free stuff, mostly backgrounds for graphics and clipart. They also have a second website with free pre-designed headers, buttons, and more.


Etsy doesn’t have any free things, but they do have some amazing graphic design resources for incredible prices so I decided to mention them. I bought an enormous bundle of fonts, textures, and graphics on there for only $20. I recommend checking out some of the amazing resources on there!

That’s about it for today! I hope I helped you discover some new sources for all of your design needs. 🙂

Remember to head over to A Barefoot Gal next week to read Part 1 of WordPress Design!

Did you learn anything new from this post? Do you love freebies?


29 thoughts on “DIY Design #4: Free Photos and Design Resources

  1. Thanks for this! And I didn’t realise I had to give credit to images on Google! 😮 Sorry! I’ll just use your links in the future! God Bless!!!

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  2. This was a great reminder for me… I sometimes forget to give credit to the owner for the image, so yeah. 🙂
    I’m going to check out those websites! Thanks for posting them. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I really should link back my gifs shouldn’t I… XD I think I’ll just link the whole gif back to its original source so you can click on it and then… yeah. XD But this is super awesome! I love Pixabay, Free Pretty Things For You, and Angie Makes. I also recommend Fox and Hazel for some awesome freebies!

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