A Very Fluffy Post


How are you all? 😀

You guys really seem to enjoy when I post pictures of Ninja, our extremely fluffy and rather stuck-up cat. 😛 I decided to do a post specifically focusing on him. In case any of you wondered how we got Ninja, he literally appeared out of nowhere one morning, lay down on our front porch, and hasn’t left since. XD


I think Ninja was pleased with the idea of this post because he posed for all of these pictu-

I was not POSING! I just happened to be laying in certain adorable positions when you were sticking that annoying camera in my face. I think I’ll take this post from here since you’re obviously not doing a very good job. Let us begi-

HEY! This is my blog, Ninja, and I’ll thank you to let me do the writi-

To be honest, if you’re reading this post, then you must not have very good taste because this is a simply awful blog. Sadly, this is the only place I can put pictures of myself for you all to enjoy them. As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, we will be looking at some pictures of me today. Let’s start with a photo that displays my voluminous fluff in all its glory.

Aren’t I gorgeous? Amazing? Jaw-dropping? I look so handsome, lying there in the sunlight, with my fluff reflecting the rays of the sun……*ahem* I mean, didn’t Clara do an awful job on this extremely ugly picture? I’m in it, though, so I guess that’s it’s only redeeming quality.

*annoyed cough* I will take it from here, thanks, Ninja. XD

Ninja is a rather arrogant cat, but he’s also extremely adorable and fluffy. He really was posing for the camera, whether he wants to admit it or not. He has quite the personality.

Ninja loves to be held and petted. If I sit down within his line of vision, he’ll immediately run to me and climb into my lap. He falls asleep in my lap quite often, and then I have to very carefully lift him onto the ground before I can get up. XD

Ninja has a toy that’s filled with catnip and he loves it. It’s so hilarious to watch him play with it. 😛

I was trying to take a picture of Ember on the porch, but Ninja saw me and ran over to photobomb the picture. He really loves being the center of attention. 😛

When I took this picture, he was laying on my feet. He does that a lot. If I stop walking, he’ll run up and flop down directly on both feet so that I can’t move. *sigh*

After wandering around with me for a while, Ninja settled against the wall of the carport, which gave me a nice white backdrop for rest of these pictures. 🙂

Ninja has such beautiful eyes!

Cute kitty paw.

Thus we come to the end of Ninja’s post. I hope you all enjoyed observing his extreme fluffiness. 😀 Well of COURSE they did! Are you questioning my greatness? My beauty? My handsomeness? My-

Please comment below and reassure Ninja that you do indeed enjoy his fluffiness, or I’ll never hear the end of it. XD

Have a great week, my friends!


63 thoughts on “A Very Fluffy Post

  1. Aw, your cat is so cute! My dad doesn’t like cats at all so thats why we don’t have any. We actually found the cutest baby cat yesterday laying on the road next to a dead baby cat ( I guess it’s friend got run over ) and we turned around to pick up the one that was alive to help it and we were about to jump out of the car to grab it when another car started to come.. the car came flying down the rode, scared the cat to where the cat took off to get out of the road, but it didnt make it in time and the truck ran over it. 😢 So yeah, we seriously turned around to pick it up, parked right next to it and about to grab it by we needed to let the truck pass first, and then the truck just drove right over it. I watched the whole thing happened and it was sssoo sad. 😭😢

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  2. Ahhh! Ninja is so fluffy and cute and majestic! 😀 I love his personality. 😉
    I’d really like to get a cat again (we had one but he was extremely old (about 17 or 18ish I believe?) and died) but my mum unfortunately doesn’t really want any more animals. For now I guess just seeing other people’s cats will have to be enough. 😉 Ninja is adorable!

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  3. YAY Ninja!! 😀
    So cute! Cats are funny XD . Our kitty is old and blind, but he still found a way to get in on the scene of my photoshoot the other day. XD And in our old house he seemed to have a sixth sense of whenever I was going to practice gymnastics/cartwheels.
    The fifth picture (on the porch) is really neat!

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  4. AWW FLUFFFFFFF! 😀 I loved this post, Clara – you took amazing pictures, and yes, Ninja, you were an awe-inspiring model. O.o XD AWWW AGAIN! He climbs into your lap? How can he not be nice if he does that? Our cats aren’t usually that nice – although Jinx sometimes hops up onto my lap since I’m ahem actually nice to him. XD

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    1. Thank you so much, Allison! Ninja appreciates the compliment. XD
      It’s so weird, it’s like he has two personalities or something – he’s always so sweet, but then he’ll just randomly bite you and he’s not very kind to the other cats (except Ember). 😛 I still like him, though. Who wouldn’t? XD
      Poor Jinx. Our cats can definitely relate. XD

      -Clara ❤


      1. 😉
        OH DEAR. That IS weird. But come to think of it, that’s kind of how Jinx is too. Sometimes he’s all sweet and purry and other times he’s wild and just races up and nips you for no reason. XD
        Heh heh. XD

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  5. Aww! ❤ Ninja, you are very handsome. XD Twila has a kitty crush on you! (jk)

    FLUFFY KITTY is pretty much the whole entire reason I click on anytthing when it comes to the internet, so this definitely met my criteria.
    Oh, and quick question for you Clara, Who do you ship in KOTLC? 😀
    ~Sam ❤

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    1. Hehe! XD
      Yeah, fluffy cats are awesome. 😛
      I’m not really one to “ship” people in books, I just like to sit back and see what the author does. 😉

      -Clara ❤


  6. awwwwwww he looks so fluffy and soft! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
    wow, he really like anoying you. XD my cat just sits on your lap, or your book, and digs his claws in and glares at you if you try to remove him. XD
    Most crazily, ~Olive

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  7. XD Haha! That’s funny! I named one of my piglets Ninja! XD it was completely black and I could like never see it when it “sneaked” around. The hilarious thing is that it’s scared of the tiniest little touch on it! XD Just about! She was, but she’s better about it now! you did hear about my piglets…right???

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