Introducing My New 50mm Lens!

Guess what, guys? I bought a new camera lens! *jumps up and down excitedly*

ISN’T SHE BEAUTIFUL? HER NAME IS CONSTANCE. *coughs* Um, yes, I named my lens (with help from Sarah). XD

Prepare yourselves – I’ve taken quite a few photos since I got this lens on Saturday. Here we go!

We’ll start with some pictures of cats. 😉 This is Fluffy. *winces at her name*

Here’s a, um, highly majestic photo of Ninja. XD

He looks so dignified, doesn’t he?

Sleepy kitty.

Sweet little Ember is almost a year old! I can’t believe how fast she grew.

Ember’s pink pom-pom has been her favorite toy since she was just a few weeks old.

This is Rusty, our first and oldest cat. He’s so sweet and cuddly!

Now for a few photos that I took at my friend’s house. 🙂

This is one of her dolls, Skye.

Here’s Poesy, my adorable custom doll.

Doesn’t this look like a real house?? I took this photo and the next few inside of her amazingly realistic dollhouse.

Here are some photos I took around my house. 😀

My brothers got a new bunk bed and promptly created a blanket fort over the top bunk. This is the older of the two inside the fort.

This is the chalkboard in their room. It’s always covered in random drawings. 😛

A pretty rose in the kitchen.

Cherry tomatoes on the front porch.

An Amazon box. XD

Sweet Maude! ❤


Oh, I forgot to mention – Maude turned 6 last week! *hugs my adorable flufferpuff* We had a party for her and she was quite pleased with all the attention she got. 😛

This is Anne, one of our goats. She’s so playful and cute!

This is Diana, Anne’s twin sister.

This is Sweetheart.

A fishing pole in the tool shed.

For some reason, I love taking pictures of my siblings’ eyes. XD

Well, that just about wraps up this post! I hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures I took with my new lens. 🙂

Which of my photos was your favorite? I’m trying to come up with a name for my camera – do y’all have any suggestions? *hopes that’s not a super weird question*

P.S: Today is Megan‘s birthday! Be sure to go wish her a happy birthday on her blog. 😀

70 thoughts on “Introducing My New 50mm Lens!

  1. I love all of the photos! I especially liked the ones of your pets and that dollhouse. That first pic of Ninja reminds me of my dog! You have such cute pets. These photos look better than your last ones. You keep getting better and better! I’ve always admired your amazing photography skills❤️


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  2. No favorites; they are all breathtaking. I could picture almost all of them hanging in a photo competition.
    No suggestions on a name for your camera either. My vacuum and lawn mower are both Tommy. However, the name for my car just came to me; her name is Twila. So next time you grab for your camera think, “Let’s go, ___” or “Come on, ___, time for an adventure” and see what pops into your head to fill in the blank.

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    ahem. I love kitty pictures. 😛
    camera names… how about…. Katie? kind of boring, but Katie and Constance has a nice ring to it. 🙂
    Most crazily, ~Olive

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  4. Hi, Constance. How do you do? I LOVE the Constance lens! It’s sooo nice and makes such great bokeh.
    OOOH! Such pretty pictures, Clara! I think my favorites are the cat pictures, the one of Poesy (BOKEH!), the one of your brother in his bunk bed fort, and ooh, the last two were gorgeous! Also of course I love eye pictures. 😉
    Hey, Constance should meet Genevieve! I bet they’d be great friends…. well at least Genevieve’s lens would be great friends with Constance. 😛 XD XD As for camera names… Ahem.
    Winnifred, Candace, Katerina, Millicent, Adeline, annnnd, Clarissa. 😀 Heh heh, it’s fun to think of long(ish) names.

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  5. I love your new camera lens! I love that you named her Constance.👍Your photography is lovely. Oh my goodness that doll house is soooo cute! Do you know where your friend got it? I’ve always wanted a realistic doll house. Ninja and Ember are so cute! They look older. Happy birthday to Maude! A name for your camera? OOH – how about Catie? Catie n’ Constance. Heehee.

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    1. Thanks so much, Sara!!
      I’m not sure where my friend got the dollhouse – it’s really old and I think it might have been custom made. 😉
      Thanks for the suggestion! I think I’m going to go with Kate or Katie. 😀

      -Clara ❤

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  6. So, the computer told me my comment couldn’t be posted? If you find it you can delete this one.
    Great pictures! It looks like your lens would be good for doll photography and macro!
    Here are some name ideas: Camilla (Like CAMera! 😀 ) or Penelope or Anastasia or Blackie!

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  7. Hi Clara! I’m looking to buy a Nikon DSLR. :p What lens would you recommend for a beginner? Your 55mm lens seems amazing, but I’m wondering if it would be good to begin with…? 😀 #TheCameraMaster™

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    1. Hey, Sara! OOH, THAT’S SO EXCITING. YAY! You’re going to LOVE having a DSLR!!
      So I have a Nikon D3000 camera, and for the first year that I had it, I only used the kit lens (the lens that comes with the camera.) It’s an 18-55 mm lens, and it’s wonderful for beginners! But if you’re looking to buy another lens as well, then I DEFINITELY recommend the 50mm lens that I talked about in this post – it’s an amazing lens and I’ve used it for almost every photo that I’ve taken since I bought it! 😀

      -Clara ❤

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