Introducing Lula Boo // Let’s Welcome My Sister to the Blogging World!

Whoa. I’m actually posting something other than photography, guys. It’s a miracle!

Alright – let’s get down to business. *begins singing Mulan*

Several months ago, my younger sister started a blog. It’s been set to private while she figured out her posting schedule and how to use WordPress. Now that she’s had some practice blogging and all that stuff, she’s made her blog public! HOORAY! 😀

I’m going to give you guys some info on her and her blog, and then you can go take a look at it and (hopefully) follow. 🙂



Some of you may know my younger sister from her former username AddyLover – she’s used it in the blogging world for a while – but her real name is Laura. Her nickname is “Lula Boo”, hence the title of her blog. 😉 She’s crazy, adventurous, creative, funny, and did I mention crazy? (She may not agree with me on that.) *hides* XD


Lula Boo will feature Laura’s photography, dolls, art, writing, Webkinz, and general randomness. 😛

Please click the image above to go to her blog – don’t forget to follow! Laura would love to receive a comment or swap buttons with you. She only has a few readers right now, so let’s try to change that. 😉 Now! *shoos you off* GO FOLLOW HER OR ELSE. Um, I mean, I hope you enjoy checking out her blog! *innocent smile*

Farewell, friends!

Don’t forget to check out Laura’s blog – she’d love to meet you!

45 thoughts on “Introducing Lula Boo // Let’s Welcome My Sister to the Blogging World!

    1. I agree, it is cute. 🙂 Thanks, Charis!

      Hmm… I believe I got it from a freebie on Creative Market that has now expired. :/ But if you sign up for their emails, they give away some stock photos almost every week! You could try this site:
      I haven’t explored it much, but it looks super cool. 😀

      -Clara ❤

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