Hi guys! This is Laura! Clara’s little sister as you can see I got on her blog to do a birthday post! he he please don’t be mad Clara!! :O XD


 May your day be filled with unicorns, chocolate, and happiness!! 🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂

Clara is an awesome big sister! ❤ She is very good at artistic things and is an AMAZING seamstress AND AN AMAZING BLOGGER. I am so happy she is my sister!!!!! 😀 🙂

Everyone, get down there and leave her some awesome birthday wishes!!!

Happy birthday again Clara!! ❤

Lula 🙂

164 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLARA!!!! :D

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLARA!🎉 I hope you have a wonderful, fantastic, beyond amazing day! You are such an inspiring blogger to me, and I always love seeing your posts in my inbox. Thank you for being such a kind person, whether it be through leaving comments or responding to comments. 🙂 Happy, happy birthday!

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  2. Aww, this is the sweetest! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLARA! You’re such a sweet encouraging girl, who lights up the blogosphere so much. Thank you for your sweet comments, and fabulous posts. I hope you have an absolutely amazing day, full of love and joy. ❤

    ~ Ella Marie

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  3. This was such a cute and lovely post of you to do for your sister Laura!
    Happy Birthday Clara!!!!
    I’ve been reading your posts for a while now and your atmosphere never fails to brighten up a room, so keep smiling, keep writing, and keep being the best you can possibly be!!

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  4. Ohmygoodness this is so sweet of you Laura! ❤
    I haven’t known you for very long, Clara, but you’ve already shown me how sweet and caring you are, and you’re always ready to jump into some kind of crazy plot 🙂 so… HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLARA! throws glitter all over the place

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  6. HAPPYYYY BIRTHDAYYYYYY CLARA! You are such an awesome blogger and you inspire me with every post. 😀 YOU ARE SERIOUSLY SOOOO AWESOME, CLARA! HAPPPPPPYYYYY BIRTHDAY! throws confetti sticks face in cake
    Laura, YOU ARE SO SWEET to do this for your sis! ❤
    P.S. My birthday is the 17th. What is your exact birth date? 😀

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    1. THANK YOUUU! You are seriously the sweetest, Sara!! ❤ I always enjoy your enthusiastic comments. XD
      I know, wasn’t it sweet of Laura to do this? 😀

      -Clara ❤
      P.S: Ooh, happy early birthday, my friend!! My birth date is today, December 13th. 🙂

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      1. YOU’RE SO WELCOME! Hehe, I love leaving, er, enthusiastic comments. XD
        You have an awesome little sister! 😀
        Aww, thanks. ❤ Okay, wasn’t sure if I was a day late on this or not! 😛 Birthdays four days apart AND our names rhyme. 😯 XD

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                  1. (Just saw this! 😉 ) IT WAS SO FUN! I actually confirmed my Christian faith by getting baptized. O.O I was like, “Hey, my birthday’s on a Sunday, why not?” ALSO, I ATE DONUTS. XD

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  7. Happy Birthday Clara! You are such an awesome blogger, photographer, and writer. 🙂 Your posts always bring a smile whenever I read them. Keep it up and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
    -Rose ❤

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  8. HAAAAAAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEAR CLARA! I love your blog, your comments, and your sweet and funny personality. 😀 I’m so glad we found each others’ blogs, and I really hope we can meet in real life someday!♥ HAVE THE WONDERFULEST OF DAYS! ♥

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  9. AWWW! I feel so bad that I missed this! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLARA!! I hope you had an amazing day celebrating with friends and family and that you got lots of great gifts! You’re such a light in the blogging community – I hope you stay around for a long, long time! ❤

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        1. Wow, that sounds like it is really tiring! What exactly do you do for your job?
          I’m doing pretty well, thank you for asking!! I’ve been extremely busy with a lot of traveling, school, and now Christmas. XD What are your plans for Christmas?

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          1. I work at a local candy store that makes candy canes by hand! They’ve been around and doing this since 1933!! :O It’s such a fun job but yeah, tiring during the Christmas season. XD
            Ooh, sounds busy! But the traveling and Christmas part sound fun! ;D My brother and sister and their spouses came over and we celebrated together on Christmas Eve! It was really fun and amazing! 😀

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            1. Oh my goodness, Jaclynn, that is like the perfect job for you. XD That is SO neat! I bet it is super busy this time of year. And aww, that’s awesome that you got to see your brother and sister on Christmas!
              Happy New Year! What are your plans for today? 🙂

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              1. IT IS!! XD I literally get to eat all the candy I want while I’m there. It’s the best. XD Yes, it was super great! 🙂
                Unfortunately half of my family is sick right now, so no one is coming over and we aren’t really gonna do anything except maybe have some apple cider later. XD What are you guys doing today? 🙂

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                1. HAHA that is so awesome. XD 😀
                  Aww, that’s too bad. 😦 But yay for delicious apple cider. XD We’re going to a friend’s house (they’re a family we recently met at church – they’re super awesome) and eating supper. We might do fireworks if it stops raining! glares at the sky XD

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