PHOTOWALL REVIEW: Custom Photo Canvas

Happy December! 😀 *puts on Santa hat* COME ON CHRISTMAS!

If you’re looking for some unique gift ideas, then today’s post is for you! I’ll be reviewing a photo canvas from a company called Photowall. Photowall is a Swedish design company that makes custom wallpaper and canvas prints. They contacted me a while ago and asked if I would be willing to review something from their store, which I gladly agreed to. 😀

I chose to order a custom canvas. Photowall has over 7,000 beautiful images to choose from in a variety of styles and sizes. In addition, you can choose to print your own image, which is what I decided to do. The ordering process was simple and straightforward. Within a few days of placing my order, the canvas showed up at my door!

Here’s an overview of everything that was included. This canvas was designed for simple self-assembly. I ordered a 19.69 x 19.69″ canvas with frame, which would have normally cost $62 + free shipping in the U.S. 

The construction of the canvas was relatively simple. The canvas sheet attaches to the wood frame with an adhesive backing. The four corners are connected with metal corner plates and some large screws. I assembled the whole thing in about 10 minutes.

I noticed that one of the frame pieces was missing the pre-drilled hole for the last screw. This didn’t end up affecting the overall quality of the canvas, but I think that a little more quality control would have been nice. 🙂

Here’s the completed canvas up on my wall! The hanging hardware was relatively simple to install – a small metal mounting piece attached by first putting a plastic anchor in the wall and then screwing the mounting piece into place.

Isn’t it pretty? ðŸ˜ I now have three pictures of Maude on my wall. XD SHE’S JUST TOO CUTE TO RESIST.

Overall, I would say that I recommend Photowall! Their products aren’t exactly low-cost, but they have excellent customer service and their designs are beautiful. You can click here to visit their website and get something for your own wall – their canvases and wallpaper would make excellent Christmas gifts!

Before I go, I wanted to mention that my sister Laura has collaborated with TheHungryJPEG and is giving away an incredibly massive clipart bundle on her blog. Click the image below to enter! 😀

Have a wonderful rest of your week, everyone! MERRY EARLY CHRISTMAS! *waves*

Do you enjoy review posts, or are they the bane of your existence? What are your thoughts on Photowall? 

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