Black & White Photography

How has your weekend been? I’ve spent the past two days studying for finals, enjoying the lovely warm weather, and feeling excited for SUMMER. ☀️ 😀

Today, I thought I’d do something a little different and share a post of nothing but black & white photos. 🙂 I’ve been editing a lot of my photos that way lately, and I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments – black & white or color photography?

We’ll begin with some pictures I took while Ezra was playing in the living room a little while ago. Candid shots are my favorites, so I really like how these turned out. 😀

This was when he noticed me. XD

Today is actually my other brother’s birthday – happy birthday, Abram! Abram’s many talents include making me laugh when I’m supposed to be solemn, fishing, talking about fishing, drawing strange things, fishing, and building impressive Lego creations. He’s actually sitting behind me right now, creating some sort of bridge-like contraption that I’ll probably step on at some point tonight. *weak smile*

Behold: the joy of receiving birthday Legos…

…and the hug of gratitude that follows.

All three of them disappeared behind that book not long after I took this photo. XD It makes me so happy that they all love to read!

Now for some concert pictures! There aren’t many local concerts where we live, so when Big Daddy Weave came to a nearby event center, we decided to go see them. I hadn’t really heard any of their music beforehand, but they were great! They had actually lost most of their equipment earlier in the day due to a truck accident (they got it back later), so we got to see their first ever acoustic show – it was a super neat experience. 😀

Despite her solemn appearance in this photo, Laura did enjoy the show. 😛

See that guy playing the violin in the background? He is an absolutely INCREDIBLE violinist named Jonathan Chu. His music was my favorite part of the show – it was amazing!! After the show, we got to meet the band and ended up talking with Mr. Chu for quite a while about music and other things. He kindly allowed me take his photo:

Pretty neat, huh? 😀

These next photos were taken at a local museum. Are your eyes longing for some color by now, or are you enjoying this change in scenery? XD

This was a display case filled with little figurines arranged in a battle scene.

I wonder what this solemn-looking fellow might be thinking about?

This poor abandoned doll was laying by the playground outside the museum. Thankfully her owner returned for her after I took this photo. :’D

The remaining photos will be a rather random assortment of things. 🙂 Here’s Laura in the woods after we had a massive amount of rain and everything flooded.

We named this grumpy-looking crayfish Oscar the Grouch. XD Do you call these guys crayfish, crawdads, or something else?

This reminds me of the “artistic” shadow photos I used to take way back when I got my first camera. 😛

I WENT THROUGH MY OLD PHOTOS AND ACTUALLY FOUND ONE. Behold, the photography skills of 12-year-old me. Pure artistic talent. :’)

The subject of this photo asked that I not reveal her secret identity, but I think you all know who she is. XD I took this while testing out a DIY portable softbox that I made using fairy lights, parchment paper, and a cardboard box. 😀

We shall end this post (I always say that, don’t I?) with this bright moon on a cloudy night. 🙂

I’d love to hear what you thought about this somewhat different post! Which photo was your favorite, and which was your least favorite?

Color or black & white photography?

37 thoughts on “Black & White Photography

  1. Pretty Photos! I like taking pictures in black and white when I’m inside or When it’s cloudy outside Because you really can’t tell what the lighting is. Then when you edit it after it makes it seem natural. My favorite one was either the picture of Laura, the violin player , or the museum picture.
    Happy Farming!
    ~ Maria~
    p.s I also did some black and white pictures awhile back, check them out here:

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  2. Ooh, these are so cool!! Actually I LOVE b+w!! I have a habit of editing my photos to b+w.
    So, first of all, the toy soldier photos made me feel so nostalgic!!! Alas, the good old days!
    2) Wish Abram a very happy birthday from me. He certainly seems to be enjoying it!
    3) Your concert photographs are SO neat! I’ve heard of Bigdaddyweave but I’ve never listened to them. But that’s so cool that you were able to meet them!
    When it comes to choosing a fav, I find that extremely hard…especially when all the photo’s are brilliant. I really liked the ones from the concert and I also liked the 2nd last one of the eyes, gorgeous!!

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    1. Thank you so much, Sarah!! Same here. 😉
      Aww! They make me feel the same way. 😀
      I gave Abram your birthday message and he said, “thanks”. XD
      Thanks!! Yeah, their music was pretty great. 🙂
      Thank you once more! I always appreciate when people take the time to tell me their favorite photos. 😀

      -Clara ❤

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  3. These are all real neat, Clara! I like them. 🙂 I probably wouldn’t enjoy it as much if you only posted black and white, but it was nice for a change! I liked the ones of the soldiers and of the concert – that was really cool. I like how you can use light in black and white – really differently than normally.

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    1. Why thank you! 🙂 I agree with you on that. Yep, that’s one of my favorite things about b&w – it sort of makes the lighting the focus of the photo. 😀

      -Clara ❤


      1. WHICH IS THE AMAZING THING ABOUT BLACK AND WHITE FILMS – THEY USE THE LIGHTING IN REALLY NEAT WAYS, ESPECIALLY IN THRILLER MOVIES. Which is why everyone should watch black and white movies more. hint hint

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              1. Shadow of a Doubt, The Stranger, Foreign Correspondent…not all of those are completely centered on light but it’s really fascinating where it is. They’re all thrillers, so yeah…

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  4. This was really fun for different, Clara! I do prefer color or a mix of color and black and white usually, but it’s neat to have all black and white posts like this. It really gives a different feel. 🙂 I LOVE the photos of Ezra – they’re so cute and beautiful! Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ABRAM!

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  5. I love black and white photos, and I loved seeing a nice long post just full of them 😀 I love the pictures of the little toy soldiers, and your concert pics turned out great! I also love the black and white graphics you used 🙂

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  6. call me crazy if you like, but i am completely in love with all this b&w. for some reason it shows a lot more emotion than color photography. excellent as alwas and keep it up!!

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    1. I’m totally with you on that. 😀 I think when there aren’t so many colors to distract the viewer, it brings out the heart of the photograph. Thank you so much, Tess! ❤

      -Clara ❤

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  7. I loved the toy soldier pictures the best! I love the mood that black and whites have! I think you can see the emotion more clearly.🤷🏼‍♀️ It was fun for a change! An all-acoustic concert sounds so cool! My favorite type of music is acoustics; there is just so much more emotion and realness, you know? Grace VanderWaal’s music style is just 😍 Oh, and I say crawfish or crawdads. But usually crawfish.😜

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  8. I love b&w photos!! The candid ones are so cute. 😉 also, Big Daddy Weave is awesome. 😉 and we call them crawfish, so like crayfish + crawdads? I guess? Also, that moon picture is glorious.

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