Hey there, friend! I’m Clara.



I’m a homeschooled farm girl with a passion for creativity. I love photography, writing, music, and pretty much every other art form. I’m extremely scatterbrained and random, I’m homeschooled, and I have 5 siblings. I’m live on 50 acres in the middle of nowhere on a small farm with goats, rabbits, a dog, and quite a few cats. I’m a Christian, a sister, a teenager, and an adventurer. Most of my posts will contain random photography and an abundance of smiley faces.

My camera is a Nikon D3000 and I love to capture the beautiful world around me through its lens. All of the photography on this blog is my own work unless otherwise noted.

I read pretty much constantly – I have more books than can fit on my bookshelf and I read until I fall asleep almost every night. Harry Potter, Keeper of the Lost Cities, All the Wrong QuestionsPercy Jackson, and The Penderwicks are a few of my favorite series.

I love to write stories almost as much as I love to read them. I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. If you’d like, you can see some of my more recent work right HERE.

I play the fiddle, mostly bluegrass, though classical is beautiful too. My little sister and I sing together and my dad plays guitar. We have so much fun creating music together.

One of my favorite pastimes is exploring the many acres of woods on our farm and discovering new places. You can see more pictures of our woods here. 🙂


My dog, Maude, is a 6-year-old lab and my favorite fluffball. She often comes along and “helps” me when I’m exploring.


I love to wear bright colors. My ideal outfit is comfortable jeans, a Harry Potter shirt, and fuzzy socks.

We own quite a few cats, and I love how soft and playful they are! Our most recent addition, a kitten named Ember, is my “blog mascot.” You can learn more about her right HERE.

I love listening to music of all types. NEEDTOBREATHE, twenty one pilots, David Crowder, and Rend Collective are some of my favorite artists.

My dad’s job requires him to travel quite often, and he often takes us with him. I absolutely love it! Taking long road trips and discovering amazing new places is my ideal kind of adventure. 😀

Border 2

Let’s chat – comment below with 5 facts about yourself!

Thanks for stopping by!

213 thoughts on “About

  1. Just found your blog! So cute! I very much enjoyed going back over the older posts. Please visit my blog for some cool craft ideas and links to free patterns. I think you’ll find stuff you like and can use!

    God bless! Stay warm!


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    1. Hi, Christian Homeschooler! Sorry I never responded, I totally missed your comment! That’s so cool that you like those things! I like to play bluegrass-style songs like Soldiers Joy and Tennessee Waltz… don’t know if you heard of those, but they’re really fun songs! 😀

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            1. Well, sometimes I find the music notes for a song I want to learn. Other times, I’ll “learn it by ear” and just listen to the song and figure it out. 🙂

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  2. Oh, I love how you redid this page! The photos are so cool; did you take them all? I like a lot of the same things too: books, violin, photography, dolls, sewing, being homeschooled, being outdoors, duct tape, Sharpies(they’re so fun!), drawing, and of course I love the Bible. 🙂
    ~Christian Homeschooler
    P.S. Your new background and header are really nice! 🙂

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    1. Thank you! 😀 I didn’t draw the unicorn, I just colored it. I did draw my new “About” picture! I’m glad you like it. 😀

      -Clara ❤


  3. Hey Clara!! I’m not sure if you saw my recent post, but I’m finally hosting the safe ATC trade!! If you would like to participate, you can read all the details here–https://flourishingbyrestfulfalls.wordpress.com/2016/04/29/atc-trade-details-rules/

    And if you are participating you have to get the pictures of your ATCs you want to put up to trade by May 13th. And my email is atckid(at)live(dot)com. I hope you are able to join in on the fun!! Thanks, Clara!!

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  4. Wow…I’m not sure if I ever saw this page before! BAD ME!! :O 😀 I LOVED THE PICTURES THAT WENT WITH EACH ONE!!! So great! 🙂 😀 It’s so great that you included the bible too!!! 🙂

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  5. Hey Clara!

    So. Allison and I have been talking about ArtLab a lot recently and we finally came up with an idea. We’re going to get a couple more girls to become apart of ArtLab. And we were wondering if you would like to join us! So how it would work is… We’ll have a cycle of who posts every week. So lets say there’s four girls doing it. So once a month you would post a Art inspiration (anything really). And you would post it on your own personal blog, and then the other girls will share it in there posts that week as well. And that way we’ll all have new viewers visiting our blogs!

    And when it’s your week to post (we’re pretty sure we’re gonna stick with Fridays, but we’re willing to figure out a better day, if that doesn’t work for you) you can post any art inspiration of your own choice. I like Pinterest for that ;). And your inspiration can be a story, a photo, a quote or anything else that inspired you to make into art.

    If you forget or didn’t see art lab when we were doing it, here’s the link to the art lab blog (this is were we post all the episodes, so people can easily see all the posts from all the different writers)… https://theartlab.wordpress.com.

    If you want any more information, you can contact Allison or I :).

    I really hope you wanna do it!!

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    1. Hi, Lainey!
      Thanks so much for asking me! 🙂 I won’t be able to since school just started and I don’t really have time to commit to anything. 😦 Good luck!!
      Thanks again!

      -Clara ❤

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              1. Indeed! I shall now proceed to dare you to comment “I am very thankful for squirrels, and chipmunks are awesome” on Grace (The Girl Upstairs)’s post The Thankful Tree. Hehe! You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to, but I wonder how she would react . . . 😀

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  6. Hello! So I’d like to do something special for New Year’s Eve. Allison (AFG’sL) suggested a giveaway, which I think is a splendid idea! But I had a couple questions about giveaways…
    I’ve never done a giveaway before, mainly because I don’t want some random reader of mine to gain access to my address. Since you have done some giveaways before, I was wondering if you had any “words of wisdom” so to speak, as to giving away your address. The Amazon gift card idea is awesome, because you don’t actually have to send out your address. I like that a lot, but I also think I’d like to put together a little something (like American Girl Doll Artist is doing with her 12 Days of Giveaways). And like you said, it would be more exciting. But I’m just not sure that I’d be okay with giving out my address. The idea seems a little scary, but I want to do it at the same time. Is there like an “unspoken agreement” that ensures that you won’t give out their address and they won’t give away yours?

    Lastly, do YOU have any ideas for a New Year’s Eve post? I was thinking a live blog or something, but I dunno. :\
    Thank you! 😀
    ~Grace ❤

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    1. Hey! Thanks so much for asking!

      When I did my first ever giveaway, there was a huge mix-up because I sent the winner their prize without putting my return address on the box (because I didn’t want to share that info). Bad idea. XD The box ended up at the wrong house, then finally made it to the right place… it was crazy!
      The Lodestar giveaway went perfectly smooth, though. I guess you just have to take the risk of giving out your address to one of your readers. You can say something in your email to the winner like: “Please do not share or give out my address to anyone. Thanks!” Hopefully they’ll honor that. (I don’t know if that counted as suffucient ‘words of wisdom’…. XD )

      Hmm… lemme think…. *pulls on thinking cap*
      You could do a countdown giveaway, where you give away ten items. You give everyone the 5 days in between Christmas and New Years Eve to enter. Then, on New Years Eve night, you choose the ten winners and post a new one each hour, starting at 3 pm, then 4, then 5, all the way until midnight.
      So, yeah, that idea might be a little hard to pull off. 😛
      You could do a live chat, maybe? Where you put a tlk.io chat on your sidebar just for the night, and everyone chats and you answer questions…

      I’ll keep thinking and let you know if I get any more ideas!!

      -Clara ❤

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      1. Hey Clara! 😀 Thank YOU! 😀
        Thank you sooo much for the info! I was thinking about not having a return address, but I definitely don’t want it to end up at the wrong house.
        That’s a really cool idea, about the giveaway! I also like the chat idea. A giveaway seems a little stressful to put together right now, so I think I’m going to plan it out for next year, and have a chat or something instead. But we’ll see! 😉

        Thanks again for all of the ideas and info, Clara! 😀
        ~Grace ❤

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  7. Nice to meet you, Clara! I discover your blog through Mahriya from My Bookish Life. Wow! You have a great personality. Also, what is your age? Just wanna know. Hope you don’t care.😊

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  8. Hi! I’m Arunima. I really like your blog, you’re a great blogger. I love writing, colors, reading and unicorns too. Other than that I don’t think we have a to in common. Still, I’m excited to learn more about you.

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  9. Hi Clara!

    When I one the Keeper book giveaway, you sent a few bookwarks. I absolutely LOVE them! I use them all the time, and covet them with my LIFE! I was wondering, is there any way you could make me like… 2 more? Sorry, I read a lot of books at once, and I am in desperate need of book marks. So, if you can, I’d LOVE it! Thanks!
    – Allie


  10. Hi Clara! I found your blog a while ago and I LOVE IT!!!!! I’m similar to you, in many ways. Although I’m not homeschooled! 😦


  11. Aww, O love your “about” page! Let’s see, gave facts about myself.
    1. I’m homeschooled
    2. I have two sisters
    3. I love in Albuquerque NM (very different from a farm😜)
    4. I love theatre and participate in a theatre company
    5. I’m a Christian

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    1. Thank you so much for nominating me, Zielle! Unfortunately, I don’t do a lot of tags, so if you want to nominate someone else that would be great. 🙂 Thank you again!

      -Clara ❤

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  12. hmmm….. 5 facts about me? Well,let’s see!
    I love dogs
    I have Celiac Disease
    I LOVE blogging! (seriously it might become a medical issue or something!)
    Chocolate ice cream is waaaaayyyyyyyy better than Vanilla ice cream
    I am suuuupppppeeerrrr nervous for high school!!!
    Love your blog! xoxo-Brooke
    If you love pushed you are going to LOVE this gif! -http://wifflegif.com/


  13. Hey Clara! Since you’re like the best at planning blog activities and stuff, I thought I’d ask you about some ideas I had. I’m thinking about hosting a word sprint on my blog, where all kinds of bloggers can participate. It would be mainly for Camp NaNo participants, but anyone can join. I was thinking about using the tlk.io webchat. But I just can’t figure out a good time. I was thinking the third week in July, but I’m not sure of a time of day.
    Since you’re good with webchats and planning things, do you have any tips or suggestions? (No pressure, lol)

    Thanks so much! 😀
    // Charis
    P.S. Also I feel like I haven’t been commenting on your blog lately? Sorry about that! I will be sure to change that. 🙂

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    1. Hey there!
      Ooh, that’s SUCH a cool idea! I’m not a Camp NaNo participant but I would love to do that. XD Hmm.. as for when to do it, maybe on a Saturday afternoon at maybe 2:30-ish? I hope that helps! 😀

      -Clara ❤
      P.S: Aww, please don’t feel pressured to comment! It’s no big deal. I always forget to comment on your blog too, so I guess we’re even. 😛

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  14. I am a homeschooled farm girl too!! It’s so nice to know there’s someone on the internet who knows what it’s like. Five facts about me are;

    I love dolls! I blog about them on https://theamericangirlspot.blogspot.com/
    I have blond hair and steel gray eyes and wear glasses
    I love anything geeky and/or nerdy
    I have lived on a farm for all of my eleven and 1/2 years
    I am terminally weird




            1. Ooh yaaaay. Now to think of a dare. xD

              Okay, I dare you to go to Rutvi’s blog (Capturing and Creating) and comment “I can’t believe that happened! So crazy, right?!?”


    1. Aww,🙂😍your dog is SO cute! He looks exactually like my dog that i used to have!😊 that’s so cool that you play the violin! 😀 ok 5 facts about me🤔🤔🤔🤔
      1. I am home schooled.📚
      2. I am a christian.
      3. I have 2 younger siblings.
      4. I have a rabbit named sophia.
      5. I’m From Oregon. I’m in Florida now.

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  15. Hello!
    I JUST stumbled upon your blog- and it’s amazing!
    I also love to read- in fact, Keeper of the Lost cities is my favorite series! It’s actually how I found this blog!
    5 facts about me are….
    I can talk 3 languages- English, Arabic, and French, and I’m learning Italian!
    I LOVE to ride horses!
    I lover crafting- embroidery, crochet, painting- you name it, I craft it.
    I have 2 siblings.
    And finally….. I can’t wait to explore more of this blog!

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    1. Hello, Sapphire! Thank you SO much, I’m so glad you think my blog is amazing! ❤
      Yay for Keeper of the Lost Cities! 🙂 That’s so cool that you speak 3 languages – I can only speak one. XD Thank you again – I hope you enjoy my blog! 😀

      -Clara ❤

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  16. Hi Clara,
    I’ve been following your blog a few months now (and I love it 😀 ) but I guess I’ve just never really checked out your blog’s about page. I was exploring your blog a little more so I could see your new design (I like it 😀 ) Here 5 facts about me!
    1.) I play piano
    2.) I am a Christian
    3.) I’m homeschooled
    4.) I love to read/sew/crochet/and read/write blog posts!
    5.)I have 2 cats, and I’m petsitting my aunts rabbit 🙂
    Your blog is amazing, I love it, keep doing more great posts!! Have a great day!
    (sorry for the long comment 😀 )

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  17. hellooooooo. i just found your blog and i love it 🙂 i shall be following along.

    it liked this page a lot! how do you pronounce your dog’s name?

    anyways, i figured i would stop by this page and let you know i was here 🙂 my name is mckenna and i’m fairly new to the blogging community.

    i look forward to reading your future posts



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    1. Hello, McKenna! Thank you so much, that means a lot to me. 🙂
      My dog’s name is pronounced “Ma-wd”, I guess. I’m not very good at writing out pronunciations. XD
      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment! Ooh, I’ll have to go check out your blog, I bet it’s awesome. 🙂

      -Clara ❤

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