BIBPC 2018

This is where I post my entries for BIBPC, a photo contest hosted over at A  Barefoot Gal. I am on Team Rabbit this year. 🙂 Scroll down to see my entries for BIBPC 2018!

Category #1: Cozy

Maude loves to sleep in her bed on the porch on cold days. We got her a fuzzy blanket a few days ago, and now she’s always trying to make me cover her up before she goes to sleep. She looks so cozy when she’s sleeping, so I thought this photo would be perfect for this category! ❤

Category #2: Candle, candy cane, card, carols, celebrate, chestnuts, chill

This category was quite the challenge! I was finally able to come up with this picture, which I think is pretty self-explanatory. 🙂 In case it isn’t clear, you can click here to see a labeled version of the image. 😀

Category #3: Tradition

This picture captures three traditions: First, the tradition of decorating our Christmas tree every year. Second, the tradition my grandparents have of giving each kid in the family a new ornament every Christmas (this is the one they gave me this year). Third, because this ornament was named “Candlelight Service”, it also captures our tradition of going to our church for a candlelight service on Christmas Eve. 🙂

Category #4: Furry

I decided to think a little outside the box with this one! Since I figured pretty much everyone would be doing animals, I decided to create an E made out of fur…. a fur-E. XD Sadly I couldn’t find a donkey. *sniff*

Category #5: Disguise

Dear UPS guy: If you’re wondering why you saw someone wearing a mustache, cowboy hat, and sunglasses running behind a shed while holding a camera when you came up to deliver a package… that was me. *sheepish smile*
Hopefully this entry is pretty obvious. XD Go Team Rabbit!

Category #6: Epiphany

Ta-da! It took me a while to figure out what to do for this category, but I finally settled on this slightly odd-looking drawing of a brain and a lightbulb, which is supposed to represent… wait for it… an epiphany!

Bonus entry (for Team Fox):

I would like to donate points to Team Fox with this photo of my new camera, which makes me very happy. 😀

Category #7: Invincible

*sniff* I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S OVER! My little brother Ezra loves dressing up like a superhero, so I knew just what to do for this category. 😀

My BIBPC poster:

I had fun designing this poster! For some reason WordPress reduced the quality (grr) so if you want to see a higher quality version, you can click here. Thanks so much for hosting BIBPC, Megan. 😀

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