Megan, who runs the blog A Barefoot Gal, hosts a photography competition called Boring Into Beautiful Photography Contest, or BIBPC for short. I’ll be posting my entries for the contest on this page. You can view the photos below. 🙂

BIBPC The Fourth:

I am on Team Raccoon in BIBPC #4. Let’s do this, guys! 😀

Entry 1: The View From Above


The story behind this photo is pretty simple. 😛 When we went on vacation last summer, we drove to Lake Superior and climbed up this big mountain overlooking the lake. The view was gorgeous! I chose this photo for my entry because I thought the big cloud in the top of the picture looked really cool.

Entry 2: Blue


This photo was taken on the Fourth of July in 2015. We sat in my friend’s backyard, watched fireworks, and ate an entire watermelon. The weather was so hot, but we had lots of fun nonetheless! Ah, good times. 😉

Entry 3: Sweet


A few months ago, one of my younger sisters randomly decided to buy herself an enormous lollipop. It was super huge and very colorful! I took this picture before she started to eat it. 😛

Entry 4: New


I bought this tiny Polaroid camera for my dolls a few days ago, so it’s probably the newest thing I own. 😛 Isn’t it adorable? I love that it makes an actual camera sound!

Entry 5: Night


I discovered light painting a little while ago, and I had lots of fun creating art with light. My brother drew this heart with a flashlight. Cool, huh? 😀

Entry 6: Adventure


A recent adventure we had was getting two pet bunnies! Button and Banjo are such sweet boys. In this picture, Button was trying to clean Banjo’s ear, but Banjo kept fidgeting. They ended up like this. Button looks exasperated. XD

Entry 7: Animal Close-Up


Here’s my LAST entry for BIBPC the Fourth! *sniff*

The category was animal close-ups, do I decided to use this photo of a huge spider that I took last summer! It’s a bit creepy, but super cool too. 😀

BIBPC The Fifth:

team watermelon bibpc

I am on Team Watermelon in BIBPC #5. My younger siblings, Lila and Abram, are also on Team Watermelon. I’ll be posting their entries on this page. 😀

Entry #1: Fruit

My entry:


For this category, I decided to take a picture of a picture! XD I found this apple photograph in a magazine, cut it out, and used it for my photo. This picture was edited using

Lila’s entry:


Lila used a tutorial from Draw So Cute on YouTube to make this adorable fruit drawing. 😀 She used her art supplies to make a frame on the top and bottom of the picture. 🙂 This photo was edited using

Abram’s entry:


Abram made a little photo studio with white paper and used some strawberries for his subject. This picture was edited using

Entry #2: Circles

My entry:


We were in the grocery store the other day, and to say I was extremely bored is an understatement. 😛 Since I had my camera with me, I decided to take some pictures of the fresh produce and this was the result. This image was edited using

Lila’s entry:


Lila decided to collect small objects shaped like circles from around the house and use them for her picture. This image was edited using 🙂

Abram’s entry:


Abram has a large penny collection and has been playing around with the coins for past week. He builds structures and towers and such with the pennies and takes pictures of them as well. When he heard that the BIBPC category was “circles”, he knew exactly what he would enter a picture of! 😛 This image was edited using



This photo is another one that I took in the grocery store. 🙂


And this photo is one that I took through the end of a plastic water bottle! Ezra was hiding under his blanket and made for a very adorable subject. XD

Entry #3: Books

My entry:


I read in my bed almost every night, so I thought it might be a good place to take a picture for this category. My wall is covered in book-related stuff and I put some of my Harry Potter things on my bed. This photo was edited using

Abram’s entry:


Abram took this picture in our local library last week when we went in to get some books. This photo was edited using

Lila’s entry:


It looks like Lila’s doll, Celeste, is reading a princess story! Lila set this scene up all by herself. This photo was edited using



I took this picture in the library the other day. The book that the camera focused on is a Lemony Snicket book. I didn’t even realize that until I looked at the picture later. 😛 This image was edited using


Abram took this photo and the next one of some old Cherry Ames books that were given to us a while ago. He stacked them on the table and made this neat silhouette.


This is the second photo he took. 🙂 Both images were edited using

Entry #4: Celebration

My entry:


For this photo, I made some confetti and then had Lila blow it out of her hands. 🙂 She was quite happy to do this for me because it involved making a mess. Now the backyard is full of confetti. Whoops. XD

Abram’s entry:


Abram created the word “PARTY” with crayons and set up a scene around it with streamers and some of his art supplies. 🙂 This image was edited using

Lila’s entry:


Celeste and her friends Poly the polar bear, Abigail the rabbit, and Nonkey the alpaca (her name is a long story XD) are having a party! Lila created this whole party scene. This photo was edited using



All 3 of these extra images were taken by me. 🙂 This is Maude on her birthday.


Lila jumping happily. XD

My shoes on the fourth of July.

Entry #5: Fresh

My entry:


I took this picture of some fresh lettuce in the grocery store that was covered in water drops. 🙂 This image was edited using

Abram’s entry:


Abram took this lovely photo of my mom holding some fresh grapes. 😛 This image was edited using

Lila’s entry:


Lila chose to take a picture of a fresh seedling in a flowerpot. 🙂 This image was edited using



All of these photos were taken by me. 🙂 Here’s a fresh cup of coffee. (I made it black and white using the colors tool… does that count?)


A fresh pear….


And some fresh peaches. 😀

Entry #6: Shadow or Reflection

My entry:

clara BIBPC6

Earlier I found a tiny red ladybug climbing on my shirt and I decided that she could be the subject of my BIBPC photo. 😉 I set her on a mirror and got this picture of her and her reflection. (The picture is blue because the mirror was reflecting the sky.) When I was done, Abram released her back into the wild. 😛 This image was edited using

Lila’s entry:


Lila took this picture of her bear’s reflection in the side of the van. 😛 This picture was edited using

Abram’s entry:


Abram got this lovely photo of his shadow for his entry. 😛 This picture was edited using


All 3 of these were taken by me and edited on PicMonkey. 🙂 This is Constance’s reflection in a mirror.

The shadow of my camera.

And my reflection in the car window. 😛

Entry #7: Tiny

My entry:


This is a tiny orange mushroom I found in the woods – it was only a little taller than my fingernail! 😮 It was lined up perfectly in a little sliver of sunshine. This image was edited using

Abram’s entry:


Abram found this praying mantis outside and since he was pretty tiny, he decided to take a picture of him for his entry. 😀 This image was edited using

Lila’s entry:


Lila took this picture of 2 of her tiny Shopkins. (One of them is a baseball glove! XD) This image was edited using

The posters I made:




I hope you like them! 🙂

More entries coming soon!

55 thoughts on “BIBPC

  1. Hey Clara! Could I get your opinion on something real quick?
    Go to my BIBPC #4 page, and you should see my posters. (I put them in a mosaic, so click on them to expand.
    I created another one with another font, but I can’t decide which one I like best. I like #1, but Megan has already used that font in her previous poster and I don’t think she’d like to use the same font again. But I’m also not sure about the second one, either. What do you think?

    Thanks! 😀

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  2. Okay, I’m here again. XD (You’re probably sick of me. 😛 )
    Today is my 1-year WordPress blogiversary! 😀 WordPress has a little notification thing on my Notification Bell, but I thought that they sent something else, like a recap or something. Do you know if they send recap thingys or is that for something else?
    Thanks, Clara-dear! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, I don’t mind! XD
      WOW!!! Congrats! ❤ That is super awesome! 🙂
      Hmm… I know that in years past, WordPress would send recaps at the end of the year or at blogiversaries, but I believe they stopped doing it when they updated. :/
      No problem! Congrats again, that’s a huge accomplishment! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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