If you’d like to swap buttons, just leave a comment below! Here’s my button:
Some awesome blogs that I’ve swapped with:


Updated blog button
Design (1)

74 thoughts on “Buttons

  1. Thank you so much for putting the link to my website, even though I don’t yet have a button! 🙂 I’m currently working on making me, and on putting blogger’s buttons on my blog (right now I just have the links to your blog and a few others). I’ll let you know when I make one! Thanks again.❤️

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  2. Hey Clara! Would you update the button to the one on my sidebar? Megan recently did a design for me and I’d love if you used that one. 🙂 If you like this one, though, no problem keeping it as well. Just wanted to let you know!

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    1. OH MY GOODNESS ABBY YOUR BLOG IS GORGEOUS!! AGH! And I love all the pictures of you on your about page – you are so pretty! I’ll get your button up right away. 😀


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