{Poesy Mae}

I have something exciting to share with you today! Hmm…. who could this be? Meet Poesy Mae, my first custom American Girl doll! Isn’t she adorable? I bought a used doll from Ebay, then bought a wig from Monique to re-wig her and create Poesy. 😀 I’m so excited to finally have the custom doll I’ve…… Continue reading {Poesy Mae}

Ginny’s Makeover

Hello! You may remember that I originally found Ginny at a thrift store about a year ago. She had long, tangled hair. I cut it shorter and used several different methods, attempting to fix how dry it was. Nothing really seemed to work. I finally gave in and ordered a wig from Monique. It came a…… Continue reading Ginny’s Makeover

CWWC + My New Doll

Hi! Today I finished my story for the fourth CWWC challenge. I used all three prompts: via via via Here’s my story! The Gates Of Amoun ********************************************************** I stared at the seashell in the palm of my hand. It’s soft green color and the soothing sound had always comforted me. It was the most beautiful thing…… Continue reading CWWC + My New Doll

Recent Projects

Hi! I’ve been doing a lot of crafting and doll restoration lately. I’ll be sharing some of my work today! This is what Gracie looked like when I got her. She had messed up hair but was pretty clean otherwise. She is very cute! Here she is after her makeover! 😀 I fixed her hair,…… Continue reading Recent Projects

Doll Restoration

Hi! Long time no post! 😉 I have been traveling all week. When I got home, I decided what I was going to do with Hope’s hair: try to restore it! My first attempt to fix her hair was something I read about on the internet. I boiled some water, poured it into a big…… Continue reading Doll Restoration

Meet Hope

Hello! A few days ago I was at Goodwill, and I found an Our Generation doll for $1.29! She was really dirty and had makeup all over her face. I did some research and found that her original name was Sandie. Here she is just after I got her. I intended to clean her up as…… Continue reading Meet Hope

Review: Hearts For Hearts Girl Surjan

Hi! I did Surjan’s review today. Here is the review: This is Surjan, a Hearts for Hearts doll. H4H dolls represent girls from all over the world. Surjan is a girl from Nepal. She is about 14″ tall.and was $25.00 at Target. Let’s start the review with her packaging. Here is the box she came in. She was…… Continue reading Review: Hearts For Hearts Girl Surjan