Happy Birthday, Megan // Join the Celebration!

Good morning, everyone! 😀 I hope you’re all having a great week! Today’s post is going to be a bit different from usual – I’m going to be celebrating the birthday of one of my very best blogging friends, Megan! I’m pretty sure almost all of you know who Megan is, but just in case…… Continue reading Happy Birthday, Megan // Join the Celebration!

Random Post #13

Wow, I haven’t done a random post in forever! I’m so excited to finally write one. To my newer readers, my random posts are basically fun, unorganized posts in which I share random pictures, crafts, stories, art, etc. 🙂 This kind of post is my favorite to write, and I hope you’ll enjoy reading it…… Continue reading Random Post #13

Random Post #12

*waves* What’s up, everyone? I haven’t posted in a while! I hope you’ve all had a great February. 🙂 I haven’t done a random post for a pretty long time, so that’s what I’ll be doing today. You can click here to read my past random posts if you’d like. 😀 Let’s get started, shall…… Continue reading Random Post #12

Recent Photography: Shelter Pets, Snow, Smoky Mountains, and Stars

*waves excitedly* Thanks for clicking on this post, whoever you are! I hope you’re ready for a lot of pictures. I’ve taken quite a few since my last recent photography post. 😀 We shall begin with some photos that I took when I went back to the animal shelter shortly after Christmas. 🙂 There were…… Continue reading Recent Photography: Shelter Pets, Snow, Smoky Mountains, and Stars

Random Post #11

MERRY ALMOST-CHRISTMAS, GUYS! ONLY 3 DAYS, 10 HOURS, 28 MINUTES, AND 37 SECONDS TO GO! Ahem. XD I finally finished writing another random post! I hope you enjoy reading it. 😀 Random Topic #1: Birthday Adventures As most of you probably noticed, my birthday was on the 13th! My little sister did a birthday post…… Continue reading Random Post #11


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hi guys! This is Laura! Clara’s little sister as you can see I got on her blog to do a birthday post! he he please don’t be mad Clara!! :O XD HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CLARA! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! 😀  May your day be filled with unicorns, chocolate, and happiness!!  Clara…… Continue reading HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLARA!!!! 😀