The Smallones: Part 3

Hi! Today I bring you the much-anticipated……….. Part 3 of The Smallones! 😀 All of these pictures are edited to looks darker. Enjoy! The Smallones: Part 3 TOLD IN LORA’S POV I tossed and turned in my bed, pulling my thick blanket tighter around me. I was in my makeshift bedroom in the clover, hastily…… Continue reading The Smallones: Part 3

A Recent Drawing

Hello! I wanted to show you all a drawing I did. This is Sophie Foster from Keeper Of The Lost Cities. I am pretty pleased with how she turned out. I used colored pencils to draw her. 🙂 Here are some details of the drawing: What do y’all think of her? UPDATE: Here is the…… Continue reading A Recent Drawing

How I Create a Blog Post

Hi! Today I wanted to show you some of the steps I go through when I do a blog post. Take pictures! I often go outside in the evening, when the lighting is awesome and I can take pictures like the one on my header. 🙂 Upload and re-size the pictures.  I usually re-size the images before I…… Continue reading How I Create a Blog Post

Review: Beforever Addy

Hi! Recently my sister purchased a Beforever Addy. Then Maddie from Dolls On My Mind requested a review of an Addy, so I decided to do a review for her! You really should go check out Maddie’s blog, she has the most amazing photography! On to the review! Addy is such an awesome doll! I really didn’t like…… Continue reading Review: Beforever Addy

The Smallones: Part 2

Hi! I finished Part 2 of The Smallones! Enjoy! The Smallones: Part 2 ********************************************** I dashed back to the field where I had left Chloe, a million thoughts racing through my head. The tiny girl had said some about Smallones- though what or who that was I didn’t know. I reached the field and stopped…… Continue reading The Smallones: Part 2

Photoshoot of Ivy

*catchy music playing* Hello folks! Today on the Clara show, we bring you… another photoshoot. Ahem. Sorry about that. So, yeah. I did a photoshoot with Ivy a LONG while back. Some of these pics aren’t the best, but I wanted to share them anyways. Her shirt and shoes are from AG, and I made her…… Continue reading Photoshoot of Ivy