Make Grace’s Bistro Set For A Mini Doll

Hi! I haven’t done any craft posts in a while. Today I will show you how to make Grace’s Bistro Set for a mini doll! You will need: A large bottle cap (I used one from a jar of applesauce) A lid to a Mason Jar A piece of tile scrapbook paper A piece of…… Continue reading Make Grace’s Bistro Set For A Mini Doll

Names For the Only Hearts Club Girls

Hi! I went through all of the great names that y’all sent me for the Only Hearts Club dolls.  Here are the names I chose: Doll #1: Hazel Doll #2: Mandy Doll #3: Naomi Doll #4: Lainey Doll #5: Georgia Thanks so much to everyone who suggested names! Clara

Make A Doll Treat Stand

Hello, everybody! Today I am going to show you all how to make a Grace – inspired Treat Stand for your doll! You will need: An empty fruit cup A lid to a container of Play – Do A Mason Jar lid A lid to a paint can A milkshake straw A marker lid Blue…… Continue reading Make A Doll Treat Stand