Recreating Grace’s Opening Night Outfit

Hi! When Grace Thomas was released, I really liked her Opening Night Outfit, but I didn’t want to pay $38 for it. So, I decided to make my own version of it! The whole thing cost less than $14. Here are some pictures:         I think they look a lot alike! The sandals…… Continue reading Recreating Grace’s Opening Night Outfit

Fun Doll-Sized Finds

Hello! I went shopping today, and I found some cute things for my dolls! First, I found this doll sized Hello Kitty backpack at Jo Ann’s.  This was supposed to be a tiny “person-sized” backpack, but it was perfect for my dolls!  It fits Mary Lynn perfectly. Mary Lynn loves her new backpack! My second…… Continue reading Fun Doll-Sized Finds

Review: Our Generation Arabian Horse

Hi! Sorry I haven’t posted in so long! My sister was given a OG horse as a gift and said I could write a review on it. This horse was on sale for $30.00. She has an all white body and a white mane and tail. Her head has some brown around the nose, eyes…… Continue reading Review: Our Generation Arabian Horse

Ivy’s Trip to JoAnns

Hello, Everyone! Ivy went to JoAnns and she wanted to show you what she got! Ivy: “Hi! Let’s see what I got today!”                                                                …… Continue reading Ivy’s Trip to JoAnns

Review: Badger Basket Doll Bunk Bed

Merry Christmas! I received a Badger Basket doll bed this morning. I thought I’d write a review on it for any of you who may be interested in purchasing this bed. Here is the bed, completely assembled: This bed was a Christmas gift, so my mom assembled it. She said that it was fairly easy to assemble.…… Continue reading Review: Badger Basket Doll Bunk Bed

Make A Game Table For Your Doll

Merry early Christmas! Today I’m going to show you how to make a game table for your dolls. It could also be used as a coffee table. You will need: A small coffee can scrapbook paper that looks like wood a small shoe box lid Let’s get started!  First, you take your shoe box lid…… Continue reading Make A Game Table For Your Doll