The Smallones: Season 2, Episode 8

THE SMALLONES IS BACK! *throws confetti* See all of the parts so far HERE. ______________________________ “Where is Lora?” Ava repeated, looking worried. Chloe bounded into her owner’s lap with a joyful yelp while Obsidian fluttered to a stop on Ava’s shoulder. Ava turned her gaze to Ivy. “What happened?” Ivy grabbed her sister’s hand. “Are you…… Continue reading The Smallones: Season 2, Episode 8

No-Sew Doll Infinity Scarf

Hello! How has your weekend been? Today I have a craft for you! This is a super easy one. 🙂 You will need: A baby/toddler shirt or onesie Scissors Let’s make it! First, lay out your onesie or shirt. Then cut a line all the way across your onesie about halfway down. About 2 inches…… Continue reading No-Sew Doll Infinity Scarf

The Smallones: Part 4

Hello! Yup, surprise! The Part 4 of The Smallones is here! I decided not to make you all wait so long this time. ;D All of these pics are edited on PicMonkey. The Smallones: Part 4 *************************************** (In Ava’s POV) “Chloe! No!” I ran through the field, trying to reach Chloe. The vines were wrapping more and more tightly…… Continue reading The Smallones: Part 4

The Smallones: Part 3

Hi! Today I bring you the much-anticipated……….. Part 3 of The Smallones! 😀 All of these pictures are edited to looks darker. Enjoy! The Smallones: Part 3 TOLD IN LORA’S POV I tossed and turned in my bed, pulling my thick blanket tighter around me. I was in my makeshift bedroom in the clover, hastily…… Continue reading The Smallones: Part 3

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

Hi again! Lilah from A World Of Magic nominated me for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. Okay…on to the award! Rules: Answer 10 questions, leave 10 more questions for the next person, and nominate 10 people. Here are Lilah’s questions: Summer or Winter? Summer! Do you have any pets?  Yes. A dog, a…… Continue reading Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

DIY: Doll Skirt From a Baby Skirt

Hullo! It’s a great morning to stab yourself with a pin, like I did 100 times while taking these pictures. Anyway, today I’ll be showing you all how to make a doll skirt from a baby skirt! You will need: A clean, stain-free baby skirt A needle and thread OR a sewing machine A pin…… Continue reading DIY: Doll Skirt From a Baby Skirt


Hello! Today I will be showing you my ATCs (Artist Trading Cards). Here are all of my ATCs! This one I made with scrapbook paper, ric-rac, and a sparkly pen. It has “beachy” things all over it. I made this one with flamingo-printed Duck Tape. The pineapple is also made from Duck Tape. I wrote “Summer” in…… Continue reading My ATCs