5 (More) DIY Envelope Art Ideas

Welcome back, everyone! *waves* Today, I’ll be sharing some more envelope art with you guys. 😀 Everyone seemed to enjoy my 5 DIY Envelope Art Ideas from a few months ago, so I hope you’ll enjoy this one as well – there’s a fun list of creative things to send your pen pal at the end of…… Continue reading 5 (More) DIY Envelope Art Ideas

Creativeqube Design Fonts & Graphics Bundle: Winner! + FREE CLIPART

Today is the day, everyone – it’s time to find out who won the incredible Creativeqube Design bundle! Are you excited?? 😀   To recap… this winner of this giveaway will receive this ENORMOUS Creativeqube Design bundle. This bundle includes ALL of the 112 fonts sold by Creativeqube Design, plus dozens of hand-drawn illustrations, watercolor textures, digital…… Continue reading Creativeqube Design Fonts & Graphics Bundle: Winner! + FREE CLIPART

104 Things to Photograph {Creative Photography Challenge} Pt. 2

Happy almost-Valentine’s Day, everyone! How has your week been so far? You may remember my first post about 104 Things to Photograph, which is a super cool book full of creative photography prompts. (You can click on the link above to see the book on Amazon.) Today, I bring you part 2 of the series in…… Continue reading 104 Things to Photograph {Creative Photography Challenge} Pt. 2

Blog News + Colorful Photography

Hey! Guess what? I have some exciting blog news!  I have officially updated from: YAY! 😀 My awesome dad helped me upgrade to the Personal WordPress plan and I am very grateful. 🙂 🙂 I also have reconfigured my design and changed some things, the biggest of which is my header. Megan showed me how to upload fonts…… Continue reading Blog News + Colorful Photography

Best Of 2015: Day 4

Hello! Today is Day 4 of Best Of 2015! Let’s see today’s winners: . . . . . . . . . . . . Cutest Small Doll: Little Anna @ The Dolls Of Texas Congrats, Anna! You are very cute. XD Tell Geeky_Girl she can put this button on her blog: Prettiest Custom Doll: The By Kids For…… Continue reading Best Of 2015: Day 4

The Smallones: Part 6

Hello! I’m done with Part 6 – enjoy! The Smallones: Part 6 ********************************************************* Lora’s POV I slowly read the next sentence on the page…. My hands shook as I read and the reality of it all sank in. Slowly, I closed the book and looked up. This book was a very old document, made for use…… Continue reading The Smallones: Part 6