The Smallones: Season 2, Episode 4

*important announcer voice* Hello, everyone! After an unexpected hiatus, The Smallones: Season 2 has returned! We hope you enjoy Episode 4…. ———————————————————— I lay in my bed, trying to ignore my stinging, aching hand. I could hear Ava’s footsteps in the kitchen as she paced back and forth, formulating a plan. Try as she might, nothing Ava had tried had…… Continue reading The Smallones: Season 2, Episode 4

WordCrafters: My story

Hi, y’all! Today, I’ll be sharing the story that I wrote for WordCrafters. Enjoy! 🙂 Random ponies. XD **************************************************** Alalia struggled with the thick licorice that bound her to a candy cane chair, but it wouldn’t budge. Goldilocks sat next to her, her eyes huge. She turned to Alalia, and spoke in a small voice.…… Continue reading WordCrafters: My story

The Smallones: Season 2, Episode 3

Hello! Today is the moment you’ve all been waiting for……. The Smallones: Season 2, Episode 3 ******************************************* Ivy’s POV  Ava’s blurry face came into view, and she grabbed my hand. “Ivy! Are you okay? I heard you scream!” I slowly sat up, clutching my finger. I opened my mouth to tell Ava what I’d seen.…… Continue reading The Smallones: Season 2, Episode 3

CWWC Challenge 6!

Hi! I finished my story for Challenge 6 of CWWC just in time! I used all three prompts: via via via {Home Song} ********************************************************** I remembered the day when I came to the realization that, in a way, the fence around the orphanage was to keep the public safe from the kids  – not the…… Continue reading CWWC Challenge 6!

1 Year Blog Anniversary

Hello! One year ago today, I started Clara’s Craft Corner. Yay! This blog has been so much fun. 🙂 My very first post was on December 23, 2014. I still have that table! 😉 You can see the post HERE. Next was my first review! You can see this post HERE. 😉 I did my first-ever photostory…… Continue reading 1 Year Blog Anniversary

Introducing Best of 2015

Hi! How are you all? 🙂 I have been hard at work creating something special…. Now, I am ready to unveil it! 😀 *trumpet sounds* *drums beating loudly* BEST OF 2015 YAY!! XD 😛 Best Of 2015 is a series of awards that will be given to bloggers from Christmas to New Years. I have…… Continue reading Introducing Best of 2015


Hi, dear readers! 😉 I wrote my story for the fifth challenge of CWWC. I used all three prompts. Enjoy! 😀 via via via The title of my story is…… Uriel ********************************************************** I hurried through the water, tiny waves lapping at my legs. As the sun rose, I panicked, beginning to run. I wasn’t supposed…… Continue reading CWWC #5