5 DIY Envelope Art Ideas

Happy Easter, friends! I hope that you all have a wonderful day. 🙂 This holiday is a great reminder that Jesus gave an incredible gift to us – one that we definitely didn’t deserve. He willingly gave His life – the ultimate sacrifice – to save me and you and every person on this earth:…… Continue reading 5 DIY Envelope Art Ideas

Happy Easter!

Hello, and Happy Easter! On Easter, we celebrate the resurrection of Christ. ❤ If you’d like to read some Easter Bible verses, go HERE. 😀 I decided to take some Easter-ish photos of my Charlie Brown POP! to celebrate. 🙂 He’s so cute! 😮 😀 Yesterday, my BFF came over! We both love KOTLC, so we…… Continue reading Happy Easter!

Random Post #2

Hello, hello, hello! How are you all doing today? I decided it was about time for another “random post.” 😉 Here goes…. Random Topic #1: A while ago, we went to a used bookstore. It smelled amazing and I found some great books! The books I found: Ginger Pye by Eleanor Estes Princess Academy by…… Continue reading Random Post #2

Happy Easter!

Hi! Happy Easter! I took some pictures of my dolls in their Easter outfits. Ava is wearing a baby dress that I resized to fit her, Ivy is wearing Emily’s meet dress, and ML is wearing one of Nellie’s dresses. Enjoy!! I hope you all have a wonderful Easter! Clara