“Hey, girl.” I’m sitting by Maude’s head as she lays asleep on the cool tile of the front porch, stretched out in the shadiest corner to escape the summer sunshine. She wakes up at the sound of my voice, yawning and blinking and wagging her tail as if to say, I thought you had forgotten…… Continue reading {remember}

Name That Goat

Hello, everyone! What’s up? 😉 Today, I’ll be showing you BABY GOATS!!! 😮 😀 Get ready for some CUTENESS…. Here’s the trouble-making team, Clover and Lucky! 😛 Clover’s “riding” her mom, while Lucky looks on. XD Little Clover! Isn’t she sweet? ❤ She loves to chew on things. 😛 Lucky is very naughty! He climbs…… Continue reading Name That Goat

Spring Is Here

Hello! I know I just posted yesterday, but I couldn’t resist showing you all what I did this morning. 😉 It’s a beautiful, warm day at the farm. Spring has sprung! It’s sunny and green outside. I headed outdoors with my baby brother to take some pictures of the farm. 🙂 Spring means baby goats!…… Continue reading Spring Is Here