A Very Fluffy Post

How are you all? 😀 You guys really seem to enjoy when I post pictures of Ninja, our extremely fluffy and rather stuck-up cat. 😛 I decided to do a post specifically focusing on him. In case any of you wondered how we got Ninja, he literally appeared out of nowhere one morning, lay down…… Continue reading A Very Fluffy Post

Ember’s New Friend

Salutations! Most of you probably remember our new kitten, Ember, from this post. She’s grown so much!! She has gone from a tiny purring baby to a vicious attack tiger. Her favorite game is to attack my hands and chew on them. Ouch. 😛 She’s still adorable, though, and extremely curious. What’cha looking at, little kitty? Hmm..…… Continue reading Ember’s New Friend

In Which I Photograph Condensed Water Vapor

Hey, everyone! Do you like my title? XD Today I was sitting inside doing math when I glanced out the window and saw that the sky was filled with huge, white, fluffy clouds. I thought, I should take some pictures of those! So I grabbed my camera and headed outside. As I was taking pictures, (kids, don’t…… Continue reading In Which I Photograph Condensed Water Vapor