The Awesome Food Award

 Hello! I was nominated for the Awesome Food Award by The Disney Dolls! Thank you so much! 🙂 Rules: 1. Thank the person who nominated you. 2. Answer the 10 questions asked. 3. Come up with 10 more questions. (They must be food related!) 4. Nominate others to do the challenge. Here were Cindy’s questions: 1.…… Continue reading The Awesome Food Award

Recent Creations

Hello! How are you all? First of all, before I say anything else… Thank you SO much to all of the amazingly awesome wonderful people doing the Comment-A-Thon. Here! This is for you. (credit for chocolate pic) Enjoy! XD You seriously make me super happy. 🙂 In other news, I have been using PicMonkey to create…… Continue reading Recent Creations

Review: Beforever Addy

Hi! Recently my sister purchased a Beforever Addy. Then Maddie from Dolls On My Mind requested a review of an Addy, so I decided to do a review for her! You really should go check out Maddie’s blog, she has the most amazing photography! On to the review! Addy is such an awesome doll! I really didn’t like…… Continue reading Review: Beforever Addy

American Girl Store: Franklin, Tennessee

Hello! I am finally back! Sorry for no heads up, but I have been on a small vacation. 🙂 We went to Tennessee, and went to the Franklin AG store! It was really fun and I took some pictures to show you all. ——————————————————————- Here is the first thing I saw when I came in.…… Continue reading American Girl Store: Franklin, Tennessee

The Friendship Song – Lyric Photoshoot

Hey, y’all! Today I decided to try something a little different and do a lyric photoshoot. The song I used is The Friendship Song by Carbon Leaf.  I recommend you listen to it! I want to be the smile, I want to see the change I want to be your friend from the start and once it…… Continue reading The Friendship Song – Lyric Photoshoot

Photoshoot of Ginny

Hi! I have a photoshoot today of my newest doll, Ginny. She is a Disney Animators Belle doll. I found her a Goodwill for $2.50! I named her after Ginny Weasley in Harry Potter. 😉 She is wearing Jess’s meet shirt, shorts I made, and the shoes she came with.       She is…… Continue reading Photoshoot of Ginny

Ivy’s New Pet – A Photostory

Hi! I’ve got a photostory for y’all. Enjoy! Ivy’s New Pet ————————————————————— It was a warm summer day. Ivy rode her scooter down the road, excited. The wind blew in her face. She had finally saved enough money for her own pet! She was on her way to the pet store now. Ivy finally arrived at…… Continue reading Ivy’s New Pet – A Photostory