American Girl Store: Franklin, Tennessee

Hello! I am finally back! Sorry for no heads up, but I have been on a small vacation. 🙂 We went to Tennessee, and went to the Franklin AG store! It was really fun and I took some pictures to show you all. ——————————————————————- Here is the first thing I saw when I came in.…… Continue reading American Girl Store: Franklin, Tennessee

The Friendship Song – Lyric Photoshoot

Hey, y’all! Today I decided to try something a little different and do a lyric photoshoot. The song I used is The Friendship Song by Carbon Leaf.  I recommend you listen to it! I want to be the smile, I want to see the change I want to be your friend from the start and once it…… Continue reading The Friendship Song – Lyric Photoshoot

Ivy’s New Pet – A Photostory

Hi! I’ve got a photostory for y’all. Enjoy! Ivy’s New Pet ————————————————————— It was a warm summer day. Ivy rode her scooter down the road, excited. The wind blew in her face. She had finally saved enough money for her own pet! She was on her way to the pet store now. Ivy finally arrived at…… Continue reading Ivy’s New Pet – A Photostory

DIY: Doll Skirt From a Baby Skirt

Hullo! It’s a great morning to stab yourself with a pin, like I did 100 times while taking these pictures. Anyway, today I’ll be showing you all how to make a doll skirt from a baby skirt! You will need: A clean, stain-free baby skirt A needle and thread OR a sewing machine A pin…… Continue reading DIY: Doll Skirt From a Baby Skirt

Happy Independence Day!

Hi! Happy Independence Day!! 🙂 I dressed my dolls in red, white, and blue! Sorry for poor quality photos, I had to take these inside because it was raining.     Here is Ivy’s outfit. I made the T-shirt and shorts. The shoes are OG. Here is Hope’s outfit. A shirt I made, and AG skirt…… Continue reading Happy Independence Day!

Doll Restoration

Hi! Long time no post! 😉 I have been traveling all week. When I got home, I decided what I was going to do with Hope’s hair: try to restore it! My first attempt to fix her hair was something I read about on the internet. I boiled some water, poured it into a big…… Continue reading Doll Restoration

Meet Hope

Hello! A few days ago I was at Goodwill, and I found an Our Generation doll for $1.29! She was really dirty and had makeup all over her face. I did some research and found that her original name was Sandie. Here she is just after I got her. I intended to clean her up as…… Continue reading Meet Hope