5 Ways to Decorate Your Bulletin Board // Collab With A Barefoot Gal

Good morning, everyone! How are you all on this (hopefully) sunny Saturday morning? 😀 Today’s post is a collab with the lovely Megan @ A Barefoot Gal. I’ll be sharing five ways to decorate your bulletin board, and then you can click here to see five MORE awesome ideas from Megan! Bulletin boards are super…… Continue reading 5 Ways to Decorate Your Bulletin Board // Collab With A Barefoot Gal

COMING SOON: The Blogger Box // Introducing My New Business!

Happy weekend, friends – I hope you’re having a great one! I am SUPER excited for today’s post – I’m finally going to be announcing my new business! I mentioned this briefly in my summer recap post, but for the past several months, I’ve been dreaming, planning, designing, and working to make this idea come to…… Continue reading COMING SOON: The Blogger Box // Introducing My New Business!

Random Post #12

*waves* What’s up, everyone? I haven’t posted in a while! I hope you’ve all had a great February. 🙂 I haven’t done a random post for a pretty long time, so that’s what I’ll be doing today. You can click here to read my past random posts if you’d like. 😀 Let’s get started, shall…… Continue reading Random Post #12


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hi guys! This is Laura! Clara’s little sister as you can see I got on her blog to do a birthday post! he he please don’t be mad Clara!! :O XD HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CLARA! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! 😀  May your day be filled with unicorns, chocolate, and happiness!!  Clara…… Continue reading HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLARA!!!! 😀

Random Post #8

What’s up, everyone? How is your day going? I hope you enjoy my eighth random post. 🙂 Random Topic #1: The Alligator We have an alligator in our pond, guys: (Sorry about the photo quality, he’s quite hard to capture on camera.) This alligator is only a baby right now, and he’s actually kind of…… Continue reading Random Post #8

DIY Design #6: WordPress Design Part 2

This is the very last DIY Design post! I can’t believe we’ve already reached the end! Today is the second part of WordPress Design. Megan posted Part One last week. Whether you have a free domain or a paid plan, WordPress has quite a few customization options available for your blog. Fonts, colors, and layouts are some…… Continue reading DIY Design #6: WordPress Design Part 2

Poesy’s Bedroom

I mentioned in my last post that I was working on creating a bedroom for my newest American Girl doll, Poesy. Today, I’m going to share some pictures of the room and talk about how I created it. 😀 Here goes! Here is the whole room. The walls are constructed of 2 white tri-folds from Hobby Lobby. I…… Continue reading Poesy’s Bedroom