American Girl Store: Franklin, Tennessee

Hello! I am finally back! Sorry for no heads up, but I have been on a small vacation. 🙂 We went to Tennessee, and went to the Franklin AG store! It was really fun and I took some pictures to show you all. ——————————————————————- Here is the first thing I saw when I came in.…… Continue reading American Girl Store: Franklin, Tennessee

The Friendship Song – Lyric Photoshoot

Hey, y’all! Today I decided to try something a little different and do a lyric photoshoot. The song I used is The Friendship Song by Carbon Leaf.  I recommend you listen to it! I want to be the smile, I want to see the change I want to be your friend from the start and once it…… Continue reading The Friendship Song – Lyric Photoshoot

Ivy…. And Cats?

Hi! I did a photoshoot with Ivy today.   Merida jumped in for a ride! 😉 Sideways picture, for some reason….. Cat photobomb! That is Runty. Funny, he was the runt of the litter but now he is the biggest! 🙂 Yet another photobomb! This time it is George. I couldn’t resist a picture of…… Continue reading Ivy…. And Cats?

Make A Doll Bedroom

Hello! Today I will be showing you how to make a bedroom for your dolls! You will need: A place for the bedroom, like a large box or a shelf A doll bed or bunk bed and bedding A blanket or sheet of felt Some wall decorations A place for your doll to sit (I…… Continue reading Make A Doll Bedroom

A Little House

Hello, amazing people! Last weekend I made a little dollhouse in a box, using MyFroggyStuff’s tutorial for a “hidden dollhouse.”  It is great for mini Lalaloopsy dolls, LPS, and Blythe dolls. I took some pictures of it to show you all: Here is the whole thing. You can get boxes like this one at a craft…… Continue reading A Little House

Mary Lynn’s Trip & A Party!

Hi! Me, my sisters, and one of my friends had a doll party! Here are some pics: ML and Emily. The birthday girl, my sister’s doll Sadie. She is a MYAG doll. From left to right: My sister’s doll Audrey-Ann, an OG doll, and my friend’s doll Skye, a MYAG. Yum, party treats! Ava is in…… Continue reading Mary Lynn’s Trip & A Party!

Lalaloopsy Photoshoot

Hello, everybody! Today I thought I’d do something different and do a photoshoot with one of my teeny – tiny dolls. Meet my mini Lalaloopsy doll, Spot Splatter Splash! I found her brand new at a consignment sale for $2.00. Here is the photoshoot: She is such a photogenic little doll. I recommend these dolls,…… Continue reading Lalaloopsy Photoshoot