Giveaway Reminder

Just a reminder – my giveaway (LODESTAR by Shannon Messenger) ends TOMORROW, Nov. 15, at midnight!! I will be announcing the winner on the 16th. Good luck to all, and thank you to everyone who has entered so far! >>>> ENTER HERE <<<< Before I go, here’s a cute picture to make this post a little more interesting.…… Continue reading Giveaway Reminder

Book Giveaway: LODESTAR by Shannon Messenger *CLOSED*

*THIS GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED* Greetings, one and all! 😛 AS YOU MAY KNOW, SHANNON MESSENGER JUST RELEASED THE NEXT BOOK IN THE Keeper of the Lost Cities SERIES! 😀 I’ve been reading it and so far… it’s incredible. 😮 For those of you who haven’t read this series –  you’re missing out. It’s amazing! Well, anyways, I purchased…… Continue reading Book Giveaway: LODESTAR by Shannon Messenger *CLOSED*

Calling all KEEPER fans!

Greetings! Today I’ll be sharing some news/updates about KOTLC, plus my Keeper-inspired costume. 🙂 I’ve gathered quite a lot of news about LODESTAR from Shannon Messenger’s Instagram. Just five more days!! *all image credit goes to Shannon Messenger* First off, she posted this amazing art of the characters. Here they all are: Second, she posted…… Continue reading Calling all KEEPER fans!

A Girl and Her Dog – A Photoshoot

Hello, dear readers! WE WENT SWIMMING TODAY! 😀 It was amazing! I hope to get some photos at the pool sometime soon. 🙂 Before I begin, I’d just like to thank everyone who has participated in The Blog Treasure Hunt. Despite a few issues, it’s been a big success! Also, THANK YOU to Megan and…… Continue reading A Girl and Her Dog – A Photoshoot