State Fair Photography // 2017

We went to the state fair yesterday! It was super fun. 🙂 We’ve never gone before except to show animals, so this was the first time I’ve ever been able to explore the actual fair. I took over 1000 pictures in a few hours…. whoops. XD Thankfully I was able to narrow them down to…… Continue reading State Fair Photography // 2017

The Smallones: Season 2, Episode 7

Hello, hello! 😛 Today, I bring you more of The Smallones- I hope you enjoy Episode 7! In case you don’t remember what happened before this, you can read that HERE. 😉 ____ Ivy screamed as something shiny and long flashed in the corner of her eye. The snake hadn’t left after all. She jumped back in fright…… Continue reading The Smallones: Season 2, Episode 7