Hello there, everyone! Long time no post! 😛 Well, I’m back! I’ve been hard at work on my photo space tutorial, and that should be up soon. 🙂 I’m participating in Misty’s AAWC!! I’m on Team Pegasus! GO TEAM! 😀 Misty, I mentioned a pegasus when describing the story the girl is reading. 🙂 Royal Reflections __________________________________________…… Continue reading AAWC #1

Random Post #1

Hello! I’m just doing a quick random post today. 😉 First random topic: I wanted to let all you writers know about the writing challenge that Misty is doing on her blog HERE. It’s called the Aspiring Authors Writing Challenge. {via} If you don’t have access to Misty’s blog, just click “request access” through your WordPress…… Continue reading Random Post #1


Hi! I am participating in Loren’s Creative Worlds Writing Camp. Today, I wrote my first story! 😀 YAY!! I’m on Team Keepers! 😀 Here is the writing prompt I used: _____________________________________________________ I sat up in bed, my heart pounding wildly. Something was different… something important. Pushing away the covers, I slipped on my worn boots.…… Continue reading CWWC #1